Very little Silver in the Cowlitz, Lewis

Steve Buckner

Mother Nature's Son
Just got back from a trip to the Cowlitz. The flows are back up, which is good, but the fish (Salmon) are just starting to show themselves. I floated from the I-5 bridge all the way down to where the Toutle dumps in and only saw fish from about 1/2 mile about the Toutle on down. The majority of the fish I saw were Chinook, although there was a Silver or two in the mix. There weren't many Cutts in yet either but that will all change shortly.

The same is true for the Lewis. I was there on Sunday and saw a few Coho jacks around, the odd Chinook but things are still just getting going. Rumor is that the Lewis is still expecting somewhere around 40,000 Coho so it should be another great year.

Last year it didn't really pick up until the 3rd week of September and from the looks of it, it will be nearly a repeat this year.