Mays on Chapaka yet?

Anyone been up to Chopaka lately know the situation on the Callibaetis?

I'm heading up this Monday for 3 or 4 days. I've never been there this time of year before. I've been there before in late Sept. & Oct. and at that time the mays were typically #16 or so.

I have a good array of patterns I like to use (sparkle dun, "modified" parachute Adams, etc.) but the key I think is size more than coloration.

What you you folks say the good size to go with this time of year is - #14, #16 or smaller? #18??



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Whats up dryfly. I'm not too sure of the current Chopaka situation. The lake might still be a bit warm. But hey, its chopaka, theirs always fish to be caught. Give us a full report when you get back. I'm heading over next month with a few of these fella's from this website. Anyway, good luck. :THUMBSUP