Snohomish River, Part II

Hey Everybody-

Nice to hear some people giving more advice on fishing the Snohomish. I know that for many years I was incredibly intimidated by how huge and deep the river is. Do not be afraid.

I have most recently had the best luck fishing downstream from the 522 bridge, even though last time an old guy laughed at me and said, "I ain't never caught a trout in this river." The drop of the bank is a quick one, so really you will not be wading out into the river but along the bank to fish more area of the stream.

I was fishing with two different flies: modified muddler and a parachute humpy. The muddlers I tie are a little bit stripped to show the gold tinsel more. When fishing the muddler I am using my trusty dry line with about a 12' leader/tippet and a piece of mid-size splitshot.

Hope to see some people fishing the river!!!


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I grew up in Everett and as kids fished a lot down in Steamboat slough by the railroad bridge. Mostly with the ol' worm but when I was about 15 I got a eagle claw fly rod and a medalist reel. I think that was the one of the first places I fly fished, and I actually did catch a few cutts on muddlers in the slough. I suppose if I went down there now being an old and experienced fly angler I would have an fish on every cast. Not hard to fish, don't think about wading just walk along the bank and make short casts out and stip it in towards the bank. And try to find cover like logs and little bays and sloughs. Start at a low tide and you can see the sunken logs and stuff. Some day I think I'll go down there and poke around and see what happens, kinda a long drive since I'm living in Mt. Vernon.
I know how you feel about the Snohomish. For years it has looked un fishable to me except by boat.

Your suggestions on your use of the ever popular Muddler minnow sound ery effective. A good alternative to casting a heavy sinking line or a slow sinking sink tip. With a floating line and a long mono leader you are down to the fish in a hurry and have the advantage of a built in floating line strike indicator. A word of advice, watch the back of your head, split shot hurts. The modified lob cast is pretty safe. A pattern that works just about every where there are fish. For years I have been fishing the Sky for anything that bites. The Muddler has produced well, cutthroat, Dollys, Salmon, whitefish(only in the smaller sizes) and even the occasional sucker.

Keep ypur line tight. See you on the Snohomish!!!