17.5' Center Connsole - excellent condition - $8K

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by martyg, Apr 30, 2010.

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    - 17.5 AquaSport hull, 1995. Most old mounting holes for down riggers, rod holders, etc. have been professionally restored by a marine specialty shop. It also has a new windshield and the hull generally looks like it just rolled off of the showroom floor.
    - 115 saltwater, four-stroke Merc. I think that the engine is an 06.
    - New Garmin fish finder. New cord in box – fresh from Garmin - to replace the one that has some corrosion on it.
    - Trailer is in great shape with newer tires, new spare, and a new two speed winch. Tacoma Outboard just went through the trailer and updated any lighting / hardware.
    - Everything completely serviced by Tacoma Outboard in Spring ’09 - the boat has been out maybe 5X since then.
    - Includes anything that I gather up that I will not be likely to use - like a new extra battery, shrimp pot, crab pots, cover, gaff, etc.

    I have not spared a dime in the boat's upkeep. Every spring I strip everything that I can off of it and give it a thorough waxing. It has always been stored indoors and / or under cover. When it goes to Tacoma Outboard I just tell them to fix / repair / update everything that they can find. It is sweet and ready to go to someone who will use it more that I do.
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    If I only had 8 grand. My, what a boat...it is beautiful.

    Maybe next year.

    That is a great price too.