FS 17' TRiumph tiller steer FS

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  1. martyg

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    Rotomolded PE may be the perfect hull material for our environ. I have had pretty composite boats and I have had aluminum boats - this is by far the most enjoyable and practical hull material that I have found for recreational use.


    As you will see from the images the boat is one big stripping basket. The previous owner had a number of rod holders and other crap in the boat. I left two rod holders to keep everything clear for stripping.

    Comes with 2-stroke 50hp Yamaha - this is the last year that 2 strokes were available. The trailer is in new condition and comes with a new spare. New tabs are sitting on my desk.

    We are moving away from the coast so I my usage in the future would be extremely limited.

    $6,500. In Gig Harbor.


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  2. bigdood

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    Whoa, I've never seen a rotomolded power boat!
  3. BDD

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    Had a question or two about this boat but could not send you a PM.
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    Is this boat sold?
  5. BDD

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    I don't know but never heard a response to my inquiry.
  6. Don Freeman

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    I used to sell these boats. We'd beat on them with hammers to show how tough they are. No maintenance, quiet ride, handle well, leave outdoors or in salt water without any special care.