Im going to tahoe

My friend is getting maried at Lake Tahoe I was going to fish the truckee river he lives in truckee can anyone let me know where to fish and what bugs i might need I was thinking october caddis pmds bwos what else might i see and does anyone know somewhere half or 3\4 of the way there Im leaving from seattle is would be nice to get a couple of casts in somewhere along the way thanks.
I grew up in Sacramento so I know a little about the Truckee... It's a river that just as you think you are getting to know will kick your butt and make you feel like a beginner. On the other hand, it will kick out some very nice 20" inch fish with a lot of persistance. This time of year I would take some October caddis imitations, some smaller #14 flashback PT's, maybe a couple of Andy Burkes H.B.I's. Throw some Bird's Nests in there of various sizes and you will be set. Although you may find some hatches in the evening I would suspect you should stay below an indicator (in my opinion this qualifies as flyfishing :WINK ) with about a 5x tippet.

I like the river around the Truckee area, however it all fishes well at times. You may want to take a couple of big streamers and pry the mouths of the tributaries as there should be some big browns waiting to head up some streams once the rains come. Just check the regs first as there are a bunch of different rules depending on the area you are fishing.

Call ahead to the Reno fly shop and they should be able to give you some pointers as well...

On the way down I would snoop around the Upper Sacramento above lake Shasta, or even the Klamath where the I-5 bridge is (check the regs, I am not sure if it is open right now). Another good place would be the Lower Feather River as they are starting to get their Steelies right now (expect company on this option).

Hope this helps... Let me know you do!!!



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You lucky bastard, I love Tahoe. I go at least once a year. The guy to talk is Victor Babbit. He owns Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters. A super nice guy. His Website is He should be able to point you in the right direction, their are several streams and little lakes that can be a blast. On a side note, the Ceasars palace in Lake Tahoe has single deck black jack. I paid for most of my last trip there. Just in case, you care(probaly not). Good luck, let us know how you did. :THUMBSUP YT

I posted this without looking at the name. Whats up dude. Hen's always telling me about your excursions on the Yak. We should hook and go. Have fun in Tahoe.
I was down there in july for a family reunion. I only fished the truckee river between truckee and tahoe city. There is a paved bike path that follows most of the upper section so needless to say it sees lots of pressue. I found the best fishing to be below this part. Lots of hatchery cutthoats. Most are the same size (beadhead nymphs worked best for me). This whole section is open for bait fishing. From truckee and below is a selective gear rule, so i hear the fish are bigger...but access is harder. good luck

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I am also heading down to Tahoe for a wedding. It doesn't happen to be at Falling Leaf does it? Weekend of September 21st?
The first pool out of lake tahoe holds dozens of huge fish, too bad it is closed to fishing, but fun to look at, you can even feed the fish...if your in to that :LOVEIT


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I used to live in Sacramento as well and fished quite a bit around Lake Tahoe. The best fishing I have had there is in Desolation Wilderness, but it has been 20 years since I fished there. There is a lake called Eagle Lake that is only about a half mile hike from Emerald Bay. Just follow the highway around the bay and you can't miss the trail head. This lake gets fished fairly heavily but has some good sized browns in it. If you have more time and are equipped to spend a night or two in the wilderness. The upper Rubicon River can have some excellent golden trout fishing - you need to fish the portion of the river within about one half mile of Clyde Lake (the source of the river). I have fished the upper Sacramento around Dunsmuir and it can be good. I have heard that other rivers in this area can also be good (such as the McCloud R., Hat Creek, and Pit R.), but do not have any first hand information. Good Luck!
I used to live in northern Cali too, i would recommend Hat Creek and McCloud river from personal experiences. Both of these streams offer some nice fish, good setting, and not the worst crowds in the world, although i have seen hat creek get really crowded. The McCloud is a lesser known stream than Hat, but still offers some nice fish. I don't know if you will be in this area, but if you are, definatly make a trip there(Make sure you check the stream flows first :pROFESSOR ).