Chico: just a few thoughts


Left handed Gemini.
Well I've been over there fishing a few times over the last week and its been fairly spotty at best, one day lots of fish the next just a few, and with all the rain the fish aren't staging like they might but are instead just making the run right up the creek on the high tide quick as can be, you get a few shots at a school of them and then they are gone and you have to wait for the next school to make their way in. Another thing I've noticed is that for the large numbers of fisherman there doesn't seem to be very many hookups, the fish just aren't on the bite once again due to the fact that they just aren't hanging around very long, I've only had one day where I was able to get into more than just one or two fish.
I was there yesterday, again the fishing was slow. The Owner of the property did come out and was looking for people who had not gotten there permission slips. To get one you just go to his house knock on the back door and sign a sheet of paper. Once that is done it is good for the whole year. I know that there are some issues on if there is state access or not, but it seemed like a easy way to keep them happy and the place open. Where is spell check on this thing
There is some confusion between the Poggie Club and the Owners (Kirk Patrick). I got the slip and then saw the Poggie Club and told them that I got the slip and they told me that I did not need it. Now I hear that I do need it. I kept it because I had a feeling this is not done yet.

I have also noticed the same regarding the fish. Although my feeling on at least half of the low number of fish is due to fewer fish being snagged because they are not milling around.

Old Man

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I would stick to what the owner says. It's his property so he can do as he pleases. You all are lucky that he doesn't charge for you all to fish there. Like the two-bit hole on the Skykomish. But that area is kept clean.


Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
All of this talk about Chico Creek reminds me of what Les Johnson said in his recently published book about Flyfishing Coastal Cutthroat Trout. Les said something like; "Fishermen have a way of ruining estuaries". iagree
I believe that I said "masses" have a way of ruining estuaries but you are close enough, Bob. I don't believe that it is even worth discussing regarding Kirkpatrick's requirement to pick up a pass. Just do it out of respect to the Kirkpatrick's who are being very generous in allowing us to use what I consider to be a marvelous near-urban estuary and beach, of which too many are being lost to the angler.
As for the chum runs in Washington, this appears to be a down year which is a bit dicey in my view because it coincides with other runs that are in decline(coho). What I do not like to think is that this is the beginning of a declining trend in the runs. When Bruce Ferguson, Pat Trotter and I wrote the first "Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon some twenty years ago, people rarely fished for chum salmon since there were so many coho each arriving in Puget Sound autumn. When the coho went into the tank we took up chum fishing. It would seem that, as usual, we as harvesters are a part of the problem.
Perhaps next year ocean conditions will improve and we'll have more chum to cast over. I hope so.
Good Fsihing,
Les Johnson

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Thank you Les, Yes, of course the problem is that I read of all of the "masses" of anglers going down there, and I just made the leap to the word "fishermen". I did not mean to accuse. But I do find it troubling to think that one so very small place place is getting so much attention in the internet community. This alone has prevented me from fishing Chico, and it is a short drive away for me too.