A pat on the back.....again

I'm sure there probably is some rule against plugging businesses somewhere, but I can't help it. I have got to say thank you to Clark at Puget Sound Fly co,...........again. I'm fairly new to flyfishing, and every time I go to their store, both Clark and Anil are nothing but helpful. They go out of their way to show you tying techniques, give you fishing reports, and what has been working. You can't ask for anything more out of a fly shop than what they provide. So, once again, thank you Clark and Anil for one heck of shop, and cudos to both of you personally! Bob.:thumb:

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
Hey Dirk (Bob)... You are absolutely right and you can't find a nicer place to go for supplies, info and help. I second your comments!

Welcome to a entire new full time past time.

wabowhunter :beer2:
(aka Shawn)
Beware of Puget Sound Fly Co.!!!! The service is great, the selection of materials way above average, lots of help generously supplied, tying classes, casting intstuction, fishing trips and sound and helpful advice. Clark and Anil actually listen to you and what you percieve as YOUR needs.

You will end up spending money you had not planned on spending.

You will meet a lot of people hanging around the store that are knowledgeable.

Of all the fly shops I have visited in the last 35 years this is one of the best!! You can not enter the store without learning something new. And some of it might even be fishing related.

If you like the snooty high brow customer relation approach this shop is not what you are looking for. It is just the opposite. Two young guys working to provide great service and a friendly atmosphere.


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Puget Sound Fly Co is a sponsor of this site. You can rave about it all you want :thumb: . I believe that all of the sponsor's listed on the forum home page will treat you well. As I have been in a few of these shops and have always been treated well. :thumb: :thumb:

I've got to throw my .02 in there for the guy's at Puget Sound Fly Co. great shop and as stated Clark and Anil are really there to help. And they are absolute Magicians, they can make a $20.00 bill disapear in the blink of an eye.... Just kidding! Great shop.
Yea and they can make most of a $500 store credit go pretty fast to and they know when to leave you alone to shop or answer your questions when you have them as well.


Afoot and Lighthearted
I would like to add my appreciation for Puget Sound Fly Co. Anil is an outstanding and knowledgeable flyfisherman. Everytime I go in there, I spend way to much time, talking about... well, everything. The last time I was there, I spent an hour and a half in the "backyard" casting a dozen flyrods.

And Pram-man, I know what you mean. I go in to buy a couple bags of Glo-Bug yarn, and I leave with a new reel. $20 ? consider yourself lucky.

Here's a link to Puget Sound Fly Co

Thanks guys! :thumb:
I can't say enough of how great they are. Go in there to put line and backing on a reel and 2 plus hours later I finally leave. Its like that everytime I go in there.

Last week I went in to buy/ask about a tying vise. They both know I am just getting started and didn't push me to get a top dollar one and actually suggested a Griffin 1A or a Griffin Spyder, ended up with the 1A since I probably will never use the rotary function anyways.

Two thumbs up!
:thumb: :thumb:

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Why do you all keep sticking links here. After all these are all on the home page.

If I can find them there you all should be able to.

I have fly fished since 1971 and have lived in Snohomish County since 1975. I am being careful to not highjack this thread. For the last 30 years I have purchased almost all of my gear and fly tying supplies in this county at a store close to my home which I shall not name. I am a strong advocate of patronizing local shops. My friend, Rich, and I had planned to fish a couple weekends ago. It was cold, it was raining, it was windy, we decided to pass on the fishing and to try visiting a new fly shop instead. I had read some of Anil's posts and thought I would like to visit Puget Sound Fly Co. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him and was quite impressed with his knowledge of saltwater fly fishing. I left spending more money than I had planned and was quite happy to do that. I will continue to patronize the shop I have for 30 years but will also be definitely making some visits to PSFF to purchase items for the salt. I sent Anil an email thanking him for a very enjoyable, useful, first visit to his shop. Thanks again Anil.
Old man said:
Puget Sound Fly Co is a sponsor of this site. You can rave about it all you want :thumb: . I believe that all of the sponsor's listed on the forum home page will treat you well. As I have been in a few of these shops and have always been treated well. :thumb: :thumb:


I agree with you 100%. We are real lucky to have the fly shops we have in our area. It’s hard to pick one over the other because of the service we get. I would say most of my loyalty is with Pacific Fly Fishers in Mill Creek, but I can not resist the other great shops we have as well. They all are great, that is one of the things I like about this sport/hobby is how for the most part everyone is willing to help out, there are exceptions, but for the most part you meet some pretty good people. I would think running a shop like they do is a labor of love more than anything. So I am thankful for that and I try and patronize them first over the internet.