Lower Yakima River

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Well, yet another question. I was wondering What some good strategies for fishing the lower Yak near zillah are? I might be going sometime with one of my dad's friends and Dad, but they spin fish (I do but I would rather flyfish, naturally) so I can't ask them. What structure should I look for And what flys should I bring along? Anything helps, thanks and tight lines.:D - Trevor
Zillah, I'm trying to think of where that is... if its below Roza dam, I would reccomend going for the smallmouths in the river. I've had great fun flyfishing the lower Yak with big orange wooly buggers (to imitate crawdads, i guess) and sculpin imitation streamers. Also, sometimes the smallmouths will hit random attractor drys, which can be very productive, but I don't know what makes em feed on top. On the way low Yak, I would look for deep slow water, with either large rocks, grassy banks, or logjams.
If Zillah is somewhere in the canyon, or right below roza, I would try the standards- hoppers during the day, and X-caddis during the evening caddis hatch. The trout should be tight against the brushy banks. Good Luck-