My First SRC

Kyle Smith

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...and my first flounder! I went to Carkeek Park today, and there were a couple of older guys fishing too. I first tried a red clouser, and after about five minutes of hard stripping I saw my line suddenly sink, and I thought I had a lump of seaweed, and then I saw what looked like a miniature manta ray on my line. It was a flounder that weighed about 4lbs. Not a great fighter, but it really wet my appetite. The older guys came over to me and asked if I had just caught something, and said they were both skunked today. I decided to head as close as I could legally get to the Piper's Creek mouth, and noticed that there were fish rising across the mouth, where I couldn't possibly cast. So instead I tied on a #2 purple beadhead bunny leech and stripped it moderately fast for about ten minutes. When I was about to go back to clouser minnows, my line went down just like with the flounder, but the fish fought harder than any trout of that size I'd ever caught. It was a beautiful 15" cutthroat, probably chasing the chum I saw heading up piper's creek. How awesome! I can't believe I've lived 10 minutes from cutthroats for four years without trying to catch them. I'll be back the next crappy day I'm free. Anyone else have any luck? What patterns match what these things actually eat? I don't know much about saltwater...:p


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Name is Brian, I was one of the "older guys" that got skunked down there yesterday. Wow I've never felt so old before- thanks for making a mid-thirties guy feel like he's 70! Anyway I was targeting the chum, saw a few rolling there a day or two ago, but none yesterday. I'm new to the salt myself, haven't caught a fish in it yet... but I can spend an occasional morning before work on the beach, so I need to get used to it. But I have gotten into a good number of SRC in the Sky and Sno this fall, including a gorgeous 17" on the Sky. Well, see you on the beach; pm me if you want to fish together sometime.
Congrats on your fish.

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Welcome to the board. I'm in my mid-30s too. I have reserved a plot at the local cemetary. Maybe I'll see you at bingo night at the USO. Us geezers have to stick together!

Kyle Smith

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Hahahaha! Sorry, I didn't mean "older" like, ya know, older. I simply meant older than myself. I consider a lot of people older, but not old. Wayne, Carkeek is just a few blocks west of the strip-mall hell we call Aurora Ave. Going North on Aurora, turn left on 105th St(seattle), which turns into Holman Rd. Then turn right on 3rd ave NW, and after several blocks there will be a sign that says Carkeek Park, left turn. I don't exactly know what I'm doing, but the fishing doesn't seem that fast at this beach, and you can't touch the creek. I saw people with their kids stomping through what were probably chum redds the other day in Pipers Creek... People at the park really need to know how fragile the salmon/cutthroat runs in pipers creek are, and how hard some folks have worked to return native fish to the creek. A few dozen returning coho a year would be easy to wipe out completely...

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coolkyle said:
Oh, and I'm not actually awake at 4:31 a.m. There's something wrong with your computers.
No it's your computer. When you set up your member site you have to pick the right time zone. You are probably in a different time zone and don't even know it. You need Pacific time zone.


Richard E

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Just a note -

Though there is the odd searun to be caught at Carkeek, there are many more productive beaches than Carkeek :ray1:

In the summer and good weather days, it's tough to cast what with all the people around on the beach, and sometimes you might hook up to a 'golden retriever' fish, or you might hook up a stick thrown by someone on the beach his dog, and then have the subject labrador retriever do an imitation of a seal stealing a salmon from a fishing line.



Richard- your post reminds me of somethign that happened last weekend. I was fishing the narrows last weekend from my boat with a couple friends. As we were drifting north with the current we saw a couple and their dog walking south along the beach. They stop to watch us cast and right on queue a resident coho leaps out of the water in between the boat and the folks on shore, their dog thinking the splash was caused by a stick, lept into the water and paddled out searching for his salmonstick. It was pretty entertaining.