Boy Scout Merrit Badge

I look to this site as a resource to learn and share. You guys have really gone above and beyond my expectations.

I enjoy watching and helping the Scouts explore and learn and it is reassuring to see so many others anxious to pass on their knowledge and passion for this sport. It will be a month or two before I get into this adventure, but I will use the time to try to organize a plan to pass the information to the boys without overwhelming them with too much book type stuff. To be truthful there are some self centered motives as I intend to enjoy this endeavor and try to persuade the boys to plan more outings where there are fly fishing opportunities.

I will be calling upon your offers to help and getting back to the board with a report when we start the program.

Retiredfish, your donation will allow me to put together some tying kits that will be part of the troop gear and will be available for the boys to checkout and use at home after the class. I will definitely get the boys to make you some flies, although it may be wollybuggers and prince nymphs for a while though.

Thank you so much…….and you haven’t heard the last from my yet!
My son is in Boy Scouts as well, and I didn't know there was a merit badge for fly fishing. He is just learning to cast now. Are the requirements in the Boy Scout handbook? This might be just the thing to settle his troop down a little, some of the kids are a little.....wild. Thanks for the idea, and I hope all goes well with your class. Post some pics from your event when it happens. Bob.

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Dirk Pitt said:
This might be just the thing to settle his troop down a little, some of the kids are a little.....wild. .
No offense, but I dont think giving "wild" kids a 9 foot striking distance and sharp metallic objects is the ticket to settling them down...Then again, maybe it will. What do I know?... I'm just a kid myself.
There is not miraculous cure or guarantees. You present appropriate options and values to the boys and some will take it to heart, others will choose to follow their role models on MTV.

If nothing else, It will distract some of the boys from MTV and Xbox Live for a few hours and present an alternative activity. Best case is we will instill a sense of stewardship and respect for nature and possibly cultivate a few more avid fly tossers.

Tom G
Dirk Pitt said:
Are the requirements in the Boy Scout handbook?

They might be in the latest edition of the handbook. But if you really want to see what it involves, there is a FF Merit Badge Handook.

The merit badge is not an easy badge to really have to earn it.

Good luck to those who are teaching, you are doing a service to flyfishing and also to the scouts!

Thanks for the idea, guys. I agree with some that don't think it will cure these kids from their current "behavior". About half the kids,(or less), are good kids, but the rest are unlike any Boy Scouts I have ever had contact with. I live in a small town, so recruits are scarce, and we are stuck with this troop for now. We just got a new leader whom we have worked with all through Cub Scouts and Weblos, so I have faith. I hate to bring up the old addage "spare the rod, spoil the child", but man! Anyway, I will come up with the ff merit badge book and look it over, as a parent, I feel it my duty to contribute in any way I can, and if it gets just one kid out fishing and enjoying nature, I will have done my job. Thanks again, Bob.

For a quick look at the requirements for the ff merit badge you can look up This site will only give you the requirements, not the content that the boys are supposed to know.

When are you thinking about getting started? I am scheduled to start our program on April. If you like, I will drop you a PM at that time and let you know about any pitfalls that I run across.

Tom G