Your most important tool for fly fishing?

Rob Zelk

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Well, if waders were out of the question, say if the weather was nice, I would agree, with you on the line thing. You can't land a fish on crappy leader, and also you can't get a good hold on a fish with a dull hook. And also you can't see that big steelhead or trout without proper vision altering devices, polarized sunglasses, never leave home without'em; but certain tactics don't require them. Oh yeah, don't forget the 10ft. bamboo stick for alterting napping rattlers when your in the country.
Waders and boots. These two items are critical that can make your day. Being comfortable and relaxed is what flyfishing is all about.

Having a pair of leaking breathables and boots that have zero ankle support will make you forget about your 1500.00 fly rig and gear real quick!

You can be somewhat cheap on other flygear, but imo boots and waders are a main priority in my book.
for winter steelhead absolutely 5mm bootfoot waders,in the summer featherlights being warm or cool either season makes for more relaxed fishing which means better concentration, mending and all around bliss
A wife that encourages such behavior is definatly at the top of my list. then waders, I can't imagine spending more than about 30 seconds in a 40 degree river and having fun unless it's 90 or more in the sun.
For Stream fishing, I would say Poloroids. I don't consider them necessary for lake fishing but I don't do much lake fishing.
For lake fishing I would say a net. I really like it as it allows me to get the fish in a lot quicker to release.


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Zen Piscator said:
I like my stringer. How else can i show off my wild steelhead to all my friends on the river??
:rofl: don't forget a good piece of hickory for the Babe Ruth Wood Shampoo application !

Joshua A. Sklaroff

Lefty says it's sharp hooks. They should be able to stick in your nail without effort. I say 2 tall boys of Natural Ice. Good ol Natty Ice, It works every time. Is Colt45 still around?

Jake Smulkowski

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As a WSU alum, I would be remiss to omit Busch Light. But Jim Beam is also nice. But the ultimate piece of equipment is hope - particularly when the fishing is slow, I think that it is the unreasonable confidence that each cast will be the one that pays off.