(NFR) Seahawks again


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NFR Seahawks again

35-0 now.........geez are you going to become our weekly Seahawk reporter here on this board....because we have been doing fine w/o. May your excitment wander when they lose the first or second round of P.O.'s


NFR Seahawks again

trout stalker said:
hasselbeck will blow it in the playoffs but a real team like the vikings wont
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

TS, you were doing fine until you started typing.:rofl:

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NFR Seahawks again

Hey,give it a rest. We all get the paper,TV or this computer junk and we all know how to read. Go fishing or something.

NFR Seahawks again

mike doughty said:
seahawks are my defense in fantasy football and got me some killer points.

Wow, your brave starting the seahawk defense.

Next year we should do a fantasy football league with guys from this site. It would be a lotmore fun than with people you dont even know.


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NFR Seahawks again

I go to school in North Dakota and I hate the Vikings!!!! Love to see all these Vikings fans having a crappy season.