17ft Center Console Skiff - $4800

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by melanops, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. melanops New Member

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    17ft center console skiff w/ 1991 Johnson 88HP, 2004 Minn Kota Saltwater series trolling motor (value at $300), and 2004 EZ-Loader trailer with spare wheel (value at $900).

    This boat has been a joy to flyfish out of in Puget Sound - very clean lines and no clutter to get hung-up on. She'll cruise at a top speed of about 40 mph, and runs very dry with a hull shape and wide teak gunwale that sheds the chop.

    I've owned the boat for three years, but must sell as my 1 year old son now garners my time. The boat has been garage-kept for those three years, and was recently serviced (routine) at Tom's Outboard in Olympia. When I bought the boat I had the transom reinforced with 1/8in aluminum plate to maximize its durability. The Johnson runs extremely well and has power tilt and trim; the Minn Kota runs as new. The boat trailers like a dream and is a breeze to launch. Anchor and storage compartments to stow your fishing and safety gear. All upholstery is in great condition, and the teak adds an uncommon touch of class. This boat was a tender on a yacht in Florida in its former life.

    I’ve mostly fished her around Whidbey Island and South Puget Sound, and have had her up to Tofino (W. Vancouver Island) several times – always a pleasure to fish from. I’ll throw in two 6.5 gallon external tanks and associated hoses, a deep cycle battery, and well as accessory stainless steel railings for the bow – she’s ready to fish.

    I’m in Olympia - Thanks for looking.

  2. Bill Douglas blue collar dirtbag

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    You can't be serious at 4800.. Can you????
  3. Griswald a.k.a. Griswald

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    is that a good deal?
  4. ibn Moderator

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    If I didn't already have my whaler I would buy this boat, looks awesome, too bad you have to part with it.
  5. Bill Douglas blue collar dirtbag

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    Hmm. I must be ignorant. What makes that style of boat so expensive? My old man has been shopping around for a center console boat, and it seems that you can get a lot more boat for that kind of money.

    I'm always open for some education. :ray1:
  6. sean Member

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    With that old of power I bet there is some wiggle room in the price but all in all boats are expensive. Motors even more so. Think about what kind of car you would get for $4800. Nothing great.

    I am looking at used 21 foot center consoles and the ones I want are 30K and they are a couple years old :eek:

    I no longer live in seattle but if I did I would take a look at that boat. Would make a nice puget sound boat.

  7. Raven New Member

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    What is the make, model and year of the boat?
  8. pez "Say, nice bead head earring"

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    actually $4800 seems like a really good price to me. That's a nice looking boat. So long as she runs soundly I think someone would get a good deal.
  9. ZugBug Member

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    Those older Johnsons are great motors. I've got a 70hp on my 15' Whaler and it runs like a bandit.

    Looks like it would be a great Sound boat. I like the teak on it too.