18' M&W Jet Sled

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. Health issues forces the sale of this boat. It's not mine, it's my Dad's. He hates selling it, but he has to.

    It's an 1987 18' M&W Jet sled. Not sure on the degree on bottom. It's the ones made for Phil's Marine out of Puyallup WA. It's actually the one you can see in some of the old STS mags and books that were out in that time frame as the show boat. It's a great boat, we've been using it pretty steadily. In the pics, it's not totally spruced up. We have alot to do, and doing the final cleanup wasn't a high priority, sorry. So still shows river use. Here's the details.

    2000 Suzuki 2 stroke 140hp Jet (it was bought as a new old stock in 2004).
    2006 Yamaha 4 stroke 8HT kicker with auxiliary tank.
    Galvanized EZ loader trailer
    Three anchors, one smaller rear anchor with buoy, a columbia style front anchor with bouy, and then the original spike anchor (I believe he still has the original can that went with it for the bow, but not sure).
    4 rod holders, bimini top (easily removable), lots of life jackets and all safety equiptment, grease guns and extra grease
    Garmin 140 Fishfinder (I do believe this doesn't have the speed, just depth and fish)
    LOTS of good fish MOJO. This was our lower Chehalis fishing boat.

    Below is the link to my photobucket album of the boat. All tabs are current on it. He wants $8,000 obo. The motors are fairly new, and the big motor doesn't have that many hours on it since we mostly used the kicker (no hour clock, so not exactly sure on the hours).

    http://s109.photobucket.com/albums/n49/Steelheader69/jet boat/?albumview=grid
  2. THis boat needs to be sold ASAP. My Dad wants $7,000 firm. You can call him directly at 253-922-8352 his name is Gary. Thanks, and if you can lead anyone to this, that would be appreciated (I'd also make it worth your while too in flytying stuff ;) )
  3. Someone please snatch this boat up!!! I would but I just bought a sled, great deal.
  4. Oh man thats a great deal!
  5. If you haven't listed it on Craig's list in the Lewiston Clarkston area you should, there are a lot of people that like to run up the snake over there.


  6. Yeah, I may put it up there. It's getting to the point that I may just buy it myself.
  7. Hey Jerry, my friend Michael Parsons says he will take it. He called at your dads and talked to your sister who took Michaels number and he is waiting on your call:beer2:
  8. Thanks everyone. I'll be calling him in the morning. I need to head to bed. Was a rough day and only gonna get worse. I appreciate it all, you have no idea how much.
  9. Jerry,

    Michael is an awesome guy!!!! She couldnt have gone to a greater person. Way to go Bruce!!! :thumb::thumb:
  10. Good luck Jerry!
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