18000+ over bonneville!!!

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Mark Bové, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Better load up some rocks to stand on this year. BC is sounding more and more appealing...

  2. Amazing what a little rain and colder weather will do around here.
  3. yes, I about shit myself when I read that this AM
  4. I was wondering if it was actually true. I have never seen anything over 10,000 before that is a lot of fish.
  5. I am thinking the same thing. Somebody counted them twice.
  6. I once saw 5,000 sockeye swim by my tower in 10 minutes 18,000 is nothing for a day ;)
  7. 6301 of those fish were native!
  8. we're talking about steelhead in the columbia here, not sockeye in alaska.
  9. Nets must be getting full!
  10. That is between 12 and 13 fish per minute.....sweet ass!!!!! I have a bachelor party with 18,000 steelhead starting tonight!
  11. I just saw a report by a WDFW spokesman that the one-day record lasted only one day.
    28,314 steelhead were counted at Bonneville yesterday. Sweet!
  12. If only there were this many fish in the sky! We would be walking across them!

  13. I know, I wouldn't even consider fishing if there were only 18,000 sockeye passing a day :rofl:
  14. 18,000 , then 28,000 then 34,000, my guess is computer is not restarting at 0 each day.
  15. Its either political BS to 'prove' the dams are not the problem. Or...it just might be real. Last years outmigration conditions with the snowpack and subsequent higher, cooler, mainstem flows at least makes it plausible.

    2001 was the biggest zoo, angler pressure wise, on ALL the Columbia tribs. Especially in the Snake system. This year is going to be worse. Way, way, way worse. A friend brought up a great point: Time to be on your best behavior and try not to let big fish fever rule the day. Take your turn: Don't lowhole, Don't be a hole hog, Don't monopolize stretches of the river with your group. Share the water. Be nice. Everybody is going to be out there seeking pretty much the same thing. There will be plenty of fish to catch.

  16. iagree

    The counts are accurate... I was there... a steady stream of chrome... sweet
  17. Glad I have never fished any of those streams before and don't know what I am missing when I stick to my home water S Rivers.

    Should be nice and quiet over here and we should also have some decent returns.
  18. the fish cam is pretty awesome, only 8 months till steelhead season!

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