(NFR) Inane posts, and what harm they do

Roper said:

I know Mingo, the dastardly bugger, is doing his best to keep the fun meter pegged, but folks, he needs some help!

Let's liven this place up...:thumb:
Old man said:
Geez, I'm older than the most of you and still don't get any respect. What's an old man to do.:( :( :( :(

A revered Old Man might enjoy a dognut or a Walla Walla devlopenut for a tasty snack.


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I'm all for the newbies. The same questions over and over, fine. And the defenders of the below average, I feel your pain. Have at it. Is it really worth it to be a defender of the crap threads that get no thinking responses? Maybe. Point taken. You win. Flood the board with below average. The point that needs to be made clear here- its a loser proposition. You wanna grow, learn, get down with the ****? Then current status needs to change. If continued discussion of strawman gets your rocks off, count me out. I'm tired of this same old. I have fish to catch, flies to tie, projects to do.

Your choice, build something, or be lowest common denominator.

Personally, I'm too busy moving forward to bother with the ghetto posts. It's obvious that most old time contributors feel the same.

So the problem here is, a failure to communicate. Set a standard or let the poodles run wild. Petting the poodles, maybe we need a new board- same old questions and those that love them. Please, let the rest of us move on.
Nailknot, Though I poked a bit of fun at you tongue in cheek, you are making a good point. There are way too many times lately when someone wants to create a controversy without any substantial facts and or decent well thought out views.

It is easier to become gun shy with starting new threads than to put up with some mindless BS. A year ago people were slammed for not posting exact locations and lately people get slammed for posting exact locations. Ask a simple question and all hell breaks loose. Write an essay about a persons own perceptions of fishing and lines are drawn in the sand and an all out shooting war erupts. There seems to be in general too much willingness to make everything a black and white issue and one must be either for or against and choose up sides. There is a lot of self centered replies that reflect the growing trend of me first and you next if you agree and if you don't then nothing for you.

There are some huge issues to be dealt with in the world of fish right now and this self centered attitude which is often visible here will not help resolve the problems of fish recovery.

I catch your drift nailknot. I've been reading posts for a year or so and I only have about 40 posts. I dont like to post pointless responses like " way to go dude!" and stuff like that. When I do post I try and search but Im not going to look through a 100 posts when I know someone can take 2 seconds to answer a simple question.I dont blame newbies either. Anyone can access the site, some little kid wanting to learn how to Ffish could be asking a simple but important question, are you going to bash him for it?

I'm more fed up with some of the elitests on the site thinking they're too good for everyone else. They can take their $2500 setup and shove it deleted. Overall I like coming to this site, it gives me something to do when works slow, and it keeps me up to date in the local fishing world. I also think that everyone has been friendly and helpful when ever I have a question.
It is interesting nailknot, that you are one of the ones who kept telling me to be quiet about various fishing places I have talked about.

Between the zipperlips and the reg nazis, do you really think I wanna take crap and give an honest account of my fishing? I get it done on the river; but I don't feel the need to post 200 trip reports a year. I see this board as a place where like-minded people can talk about fishing and shoot-the-****.

If this is merely a place where we trade money holes, I'm out. Half of the fun is finding your own middle-of-nowhere holes and figuring *** out on your own.

I don't come here to find out where to fish or what ugly flies to tie. I just want to kill the time in-betweenfishing trips.

Bob Triggs

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I feel that Nailknot has a good point on many levels. If we thought about some of our words before we posted them, it would maximize quality here.

I do also believe that there should be some room for a little creative fun. One very good aspect of this community is the friendships. And some friendships can endure a bit more ribbing than others. But the personalities do emerge with the fun connections between friends here. So some of that personal stuff is just part in parcel of the culture. It just depends on what kind of personal stuff we are talking about. As to a little banter once in a while between friends here; I think some of it is actually good.

For instance:

I think it would be boring to have Old Man Jim give up his quest for 100,000 + posts before he dies, or someone else kills him, whichever comes first.:rofl:

I think it would be tragic if Davey ever got truly serious, with or without the donuts and martinis. :p

And where would we be here if it weren't for the occasional (successful) fishing reports, and all of the historionic, superior, reactionary, thin-skinned, whining, niggling accustions that follow. If it werent so hilarious it would be sad.

It would also be helpful if people remembered that these forums are not a "private chat room". And that personally dominating any topic, even one they may have opened themself, ( NFR Posts are bad in this respect ), just shuts everyone else out.

Staying "on topic" too is a better way here. Ie: Just look where some guys have been taking this thread!:mad:

Here's a tremendous intellectual challenge for you:

Try to say it without swearing, cursing or attacking. Since this is an open internet forum we do have childeren visiting us. Didnt we invite a whole Issaquah classroom full of them into our community when we sponsored them not long ago? How about a little respect for others. (well, except Roper that is...:rolleyes: )


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Bob Triggs said:
How about a little respect for others. (well, except Roper that is...:rolleyes: )
Well, there may not be much respect after this, but here goes...

How many times are we gonna flip flop back and forth about content? One day it's fly fishing only, next day it's NFR, tommorrow it'll be some poll about who knows what. Eveyone has an opinion at one time or another about what we should or should not discuss. This used to be a relief from work to jump in and be social, now it's starting to sound like it does here at work, and since it's a family forum I can't use the adjectives that come to mind.


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Wow! I really think that everyone is taking this thing way to serious. I couldn't help if but think while I was reading through this thread, that I was watching days of our lives or one life to live. If find myself glued to the couch between bonbons and a sparsly tied fly flipping through these threads thinking. "gee I wish I could be as handsom and whitty as Bob" Bob, you are right when it comes to the foul language and nailknot you are right in many respects. But seriously, this is after all just a side note for all of us. All of us have lives away from this forum and I hope this forum could just be a place for a little escape.

Old Man

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This always seems to happen when ever a thread gets too long. People at each others throats. If we were all in the same room talking about this stuff only about half of what was said would be in written form.

But here on the web we can all express outselves as we see fit. And some like to talk alot and some do not. Me I like to talk about fishing and the rest of the junk I try to stay out of.

But if we all stayed to what was asked, this could come to be know as a boring web site.. I go to several others but this is a good clean place to read about flyfishing. If it would just stay with the subject matter"Washington Fly Fishing".

This is not a sports page this is a flyfishing page. If you want to talk about sports go find a chat room and do it there.

I'd better shut up now or this could go on forever.