I have a pair of waders rubber soles, really bad for slipping.
What do you guys recommend as a pair of wading shoes that will let me grip better than I do with these rubber soles. Also does anyone have a place to buy them where they don't cost $400.
People have recommended Crepe and Felt I would like to get a pair once not twice.
Also I am not keen on wading in shorts as my legs are not beautiful so I guess I need something like a wader, any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
It sounds like the best for the rivers, etc, is a felt sole shoe.
Thanks alot for the tips :BIGSMILE
I have a pair of Orvis felt bottom boots and I purchased them for around 125 bucks. My brother uses the Simms felt bottoms with the screws and they are a little more expensive, but he is a guide in Alaska and swears by them.. I would recommend going to Creekside in Issaquah they have a good selection and are very helpful. Good luck!! I had a friend who went fishing with me this year with rubber bottom boots, and he was so frustrated he bought a pair of the Simms the next day!


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All the Cabelas wader and boot models are decently priced. I bought low end 3 mm neoprene and cheap velcro boots. The boots are hosers, not much support, and they are now breaking down but the waders are still going strong even with year around usage. I am currently looking at better Cabelas boots. And either Hodgeman Wadelight or Cabelas goretex waders.

I prefer not to spend a mint of cash on my equipment the fish don't care.

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Cabela's is a great suggestion. I'd also consider a pair of Hodgman Wadelite waders and Hodgman Lakestream Wading Shoes, both available at


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I went through two different pairs of Hodgmans, both falling apart after about two-three years of steady use. My cabelos leather wading boots are great, I'm on about my third year now. Felt soles are good for wading when there's no algae or moss on the rocks; typical for most west wa. streams (mid summer-warm streams can be a bit tricky.) If/when you felt wears down, you can get replacement felt kits for about $20.
I've had my Hodgeman lakestream boots for 3 years now and they are working great! For the price of 39.00, you cannot beat them! They are FULLY felt sole bottoms. Go to either GI Joes or Sportco in Fife for the best prices.

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Try the Super Stream Cleats. They're $50 and I've yet to slip with these things on. They've been mentioned before on this board, and someone said to be careful about stepping on your fly line while wearing these. They'll probably cut through your line. They have felt and aluminum on the bottom. I don't really see the point of the felt, though, since the aluminum sticks out enough that the felt rarely touches the rock.

You can see them at:

They fit over your existing shoe. Works well for me since I have old, cheap "Steel-shank" rubber waders with rubber boot soles.


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I have a pair of the Cabelas Guide wading boots. they are built like tanks - I like them and havent ended up on my back side. They will run you about 70 bucks unless you catch a sale - this might be a good time for that.

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I've got those Bantam weights from Hodgman.Had them about 5-6 years now and all that has gone wrong is that now the felt is just about gone. Project for miserable weather. Got them at Outdoor Emporium for about $35.00 or so.



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I have a pair of Orvis breathables and Orvis felt soled boots. I paid about $225.00 for both during a sale. I have to admit that that boots suck, I have had to warranty them out 3 times in one year for the same problem. However I do appreciate the work they do for me and the uprigth stability I have on the rivers of eastern Washington and Northern Idaho :THUMBSUP .

I keep hearing that the Hodgman breathables and boots are the best for the money so you might want to check them out at your local sporting goods shop.