8ft Pram for sale

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Howdy- Thanks for the post but I think I need a fiberglass rig as weight is a concern for me (need to be <125#), also maintaining my wood drifter is already too much time spent for me. Nice looking pram.

thanks for the reply. the pram is glassed on the bottom, seams and the inside and is about 70lbs at the most. If you have not fished stillwater out of one, you need to. I had a bucks bag before i bought this and i will not fish stillwater out of anything else. I am having another boat being built and i dont need two of them.
Howdy once again....if it only 70 pounds I am very interested. can you make some measurements (inches) for me?

Width at oars, top
Bottom width at oars
Side height at oars
stern height

Email me at crandalljohn@hotmail.com and we can continue in that venue.

Thanks, john
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