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Hello I started fly fishing when my husband brought me a pole home for Mothers Day. I am still really green. I fish some on the lake above my home. I am here to learn.


trout in a brook, you're about to get hooked...
Glad to be in WA!

Moved here 3 months ago from New Mexico. Lots more water here and an end to 105 degree death marches through gardens of rattlesnakes to remote trickles devoid of trout. I am happy.

I have been flyfishing since age 5. Growing up in Iowa, this meant alot of bass, bluegill and carp. But I've also caught walleye, perch, crappie, and even catfish, on the fly. I like flyfishing for just about anything, but after an incredible trip to Alberta in 2002, bulls have been my passion. I like bushwaking to better waters and take a very DIY approach to flyfishing; not the type of a fisher that yearns to be part of the Yakima flotilla (though a very swell river). A personal goal is to catch all species (and subs) of the Family Salmonidae worldwide. I've spent the past 5 years adding alot of the smaller O. clarki and mykiss tribes from our arid regions to my list. And if you want to know about Apache trout or Gila trout, they have been my specialty so PM me.

I am very interested in participating in conservation efforts (I have a PhD in ecology, fancy eh?) and have participated on public panels in NM. I feel strongly about the unfortunately necessary oversight provided by grassroots conservation groups. The majority (but certainly not all) of the "scientists" that are employed with our fish and game departments (state and federal) are poorly prepared academically and professionally to understand the complex nature of natural populations, let alone manage them. Case in point: a few years ago, the endangered species coordinator for the Gila National Forest, home to the rarest trout in the world, was a dude with a M.S. in animal science degree and specializing in deer and elk. Not good. OK, off my soapbox.

If anyone wants some fishing company, I am game for that. I go fishing at least once a week and I'm trying to explore as many waters as possible, particularily around Monroe and Snohomish county. So much water, so little time...

Glad to be here, this is a great resource.



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Hello All,
I hail from the east side and have lived here all my life. I began this epic journey of fishing on the fly when i was about twelve or so, now at twenty-two i know less it seems than i did back then. I have definatly expanded the list of quarry i chase, what used to be exclusivly trout now includes steelhead, salmon, carp and most recently bronzbacks. I am happy to share what i know and always exited to learn.
Hello my name is Jason Buehler and I was born and grew up in Bellingham. I come from along line of fishermen and have been fly fishing and tying flies from the age of 7. My big fish stories are many. When I lived in Montana I caught a 7lbs. brown on the Madison with a skulpin pattern I desiged. That was Nirvava. I am now living in B'ham again. I used to work at H&H Outdoor sports but no longer. Some people here may have known me than. I sold a lot of SAGE rods as I am still and avid fan of theirs. My good friend Liam Wood perished in the Olympic Pipeline explosion while fly fishing Whatcom Creek in 1999. You may have heard of that. I wrote a stoy called "A Fly Fisher That Once Was" back than which is published online at a fishing story site, can't remember the name. In recent years I have been focusing my attention on fly fishing for bass as they are very un-salmonoid-like in behavior and offer new possibilities. Haven't caught a steelhead on a fly in 2 years although I don't get out much anymore, used to fish 200 days a year but now am forced to be a work-aholic as I no longer am supported by my parents. I am currently 24 and live on the Nooksak river near Nugents corner and have 3 private fishing ponds.

Just joined so I can keep up with the latest fishing news in the Snohomish County area.

Both husband and I are avid fisherman. Like to fish from our Watermaster Kick Boats. We now have one son and wife and granddaughter joining us. My 7 yr old granddaughter can still ride in the back of my Kick Boat, wearing a life jacket,(if a full grown labrador retriever can ride back there, a 50 lb child can too). I have a lot of fun with her onboard with me. She nets my fish and keeps me entertained.

Have a great day.

Hello my name is Jan. I grew up in the mid-west Duluth, Minnesota. Right in the middle of some of the best fishing in the U.S. Now I live in the Puget Sound Area on the Kitsap Penninsula, another place close to alot of good fishing. I still fish alot in Minnesota as I have a cabin on Island Lake north of Duluth. I am new to this site and new to Fly Fishing. I am very excited!!! My dad and grandfather were excellent fly fisherman and I kick myself for not going fly fishing with them. I fished with my dad all the time other than fly fishing. I have a wonderful friend who is now disabled and will teach me. I have been building my equipment and yes I have acquired some very nice high quality equipment. It is so nice to hear from the women who are in the fly fishing world. Any words of wisdom I am open to all. And I will not be intimidated by the men. Hope to meet some of you. Good Fishing!!!!
I have been lurking around here for a few days now and thought I would go ahead and come out of the shadows. I have been fly fishing for about 20 years now and the addiction continues. I do a lot of fishing in Idaho but in between trips I like to hit the small streams on the westside of the Cascades. Looking forward to gleaning info. Thanks!
New to this forum:

Born on the east coast, fish maryland and PA C&R streams.
Lived in Vail CO, fish out west as much as I can. Father of 2 that hate when I go fishing.

Fishing in PA and MD is tough, I mean the fish come up just to see if it is the same guy that threw some junk at them a few minutes ago. Then back to the bottom. Sneaking up on the fish just makes them suspicious, and they lay low. You get so frustrated that you feel like tossing a throw net at em.

It'll be good to get out west again, heading back to Rock Creek, mid august, maybe again late september/oct.
Hi Everyone,

I've been 'stalking' the site for nearly 1 year and no excuses really for not joining sooner, anyway thanks to all the posters for great info, some complete nonsense and more than few good laughs (Mingo springs to mind, his pneumatic avatar always seem to catch my eye too :) Anyway I'm Scottish, based in Ballard, Seattle and with 2 wee kids so mostly all I can do is dream of getting out. I'm into SRCs and salmon, I'm trying for steelhead but with my current family situation it's been tough to find the time, still the wife got me a TFO 12.6 ft spey for my B'day so there's hope. Anyway, thanks again to all the posters and if you bump into a 6'4'' Scotsman in the Sound, or the Sky/Sauk or Skagit, it's probably me.


Hello Folks

Great site. I have been lurking for a while, but joined up recently. I have been flyfishing for about 5 years, fishing for about 40. I grew up in Idaho, about 60 miles from the Bigwood River and Silver Creek. My "home waters" would be Warm Springs Creek, in Ketchum Idaho. Or it was for the last 35 years. My family just sold the place there that my grandfather built, so I am a bit adrift without these home waters. Have done a bit of flyfishing in WA in the last few years (moved here in 93) and have recently been trying to buy some property in the Methow valley... looking forward to the Twisp and Methow Rivers.

Anyway, there is an introduction. Now that that is done, back to the lurking and reading.

Just Registered Today 7-25-2006 And Will Be Moving To Washington Late November From Truckee, Ca. Until Then I Am Making Regular Trips To Puyallup And Vancouver, Wa. I Am Taking A Trip To Mt. Rainier Labor Day Weekend And Wanted To Know If Anyone Has Any Tips On Fishing The Ohanapecosh, I Been Told Its A Tricky Stream To Fish. Please Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But A Washington State Fishing License Is Not Needed In The National Park.
For Those Of You Who Respond, I Thank You In Advance.
Newbie from the SouthEast

A friend of mine told me about this forum and once I visited it I just had to join, this forum rocks ! We have a forum we go on called the NGTO here in Georgia, its become too much BS and not enough flyfishing, so I ventured out and here I am. I have been flyfishing since 2002 and love it, I love it so much I moved to the Blueridge mtns in North Georgia, bought a river front home and started up my own Trophy Trout club called Mossys Trophy Trout , 31 members strong and we are catching 18 - 34 inch rainbows on average, I also started up a Flyfishing guide service here in the area, have over 6 private waters to guide on as well as I guide quail & pheasant too. So look for me here and I will post pictures of the rainbows, browns & brookies for your viewing pleasure..

Attached is a picture of a male rainbow I caught back in decemeber 2005, caught him on a ultra light due to the 5 weight was in the truck.
He weighed 6 1/2 lbs and measured 23 1/2 inches long.

The other guy with the big smile is a trout club member holding up a nice rainbow he caught right in front of my house.
Hey there,

I just finally started more fly fishing and finally decided to register and say Hi. I live in Fall City and am going to be fishing at random times mostly for trout as I don't have a setup for stillies.

I've had a basic rod/reel for a while now, but finally plunked some money down on waders & boots so i can truly get wet. I plan on mostly fishing Snoq and some of the upper forks for now. My cast is a little less then fair but plan on practicing more and more.



Hello. I've been reading this forum for some time now. I fish in Oregon and Idaho a lot in the summer. I'm always looking for places closer to home to fish. Hope to post some fish stories soon.
Tight lines!!


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I'm a northeast fly fisherman and love to see how people do things around the country. This is a great site with alot of good info. I've lurked for awhile and liked the way people share info here. I mostly fly fish for Stiped Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish and False Albacore from the beach and kayak.