Seattle to Phoenix


Should be fishing right now
Departed the 13th of December from Seattle and drove all day and part of the night to Redding Ca. The next day we fished both the upper and lower Sacramento. The guys at The Fly Shop were very helpful and suggested some access points. The guy who sold us our liscenses said that there might be a baetis hatch in the after noon so I was stoked.

The upper Sac was a great looking stream. I tried a variety of nymphs and worked my way upstream for a few hours hooking nothing but rocks. Finally I spotted a few mays poping and I high tailed it back down stream to a nice looking peice of flat water that I had passed up earlier. I figured that once I was re-rigged and ready to go that the fish would be going to town.

Well the hatch went off, I was sitting on a rock waiting for the rise to start, and, and.... Absolutely nothing happend! It was enough to almost make you believe that all the fish had gone on vacation or something. Not a single fish came to the surface, big or little. After staring at the surface for another hour, my buddy found me and asked if I wanted to try the lower Sac. I was frustrated and a little pissed so I agreed. We went back to The Fly Shop and got a pointer about nearby access to the river and headed out again.

The lower Sac was running low (5,000 cfs, still a lot of water but low for the Sac) even at this level there was limited bank access. If I had had more time I would have walked down river farther (I swear I could hear the faint roar of a riffle in the distance) but, as the sun was getting low, I stopped at the first spot I could. This time there were rises, but they were all salmon fry, or the occational big king going airborn. After an hour and a half or so I spotted what appeared to be 2 good trout in some shallow water near a steep bank. I tried to sneak down to them but if my approach didn't spook em then my presentation or fly did.

So, after this rather uneventful day we packed up and Tried to make it to Fresno. Dense fog forced us to stop a little short so we got a room at the first exit we could find. The next day we did a loop through Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks. It was a long drive but totally worth it, we got some great photos!

After the tour through the parks we continued to Vegas, where we spent the next day. Next we went to Prescott AZ, to visit my cousin and her hubby. And the following morning we drove the last leg to Phoenix to stay with a college friend. In the morning I flew back to Seattle.

All in all a memorable trip, not so much because of the fishing, but because of bizzare and unpredictable side adventures and detours. One particularly interesting story involving 2 drunk girls, a fuel stop, and a minor accident, in Weed Ca. comes to mind. A picture of my buddy and these girls is poseted below. I wont bore you with details, but the story is a tragic comedy that makes both of us look particularly stupid anyway. Anyway some of the pictures turned out good.


Thanks for posting the report! I've had a couple dozen fishing trips like that (minus the drunk girls). The Sac looks like an interesting river, hope to fish it one day. Good (though fishless) pictures.:thumb: