12/23 too muddy or too fast


Left handed Gemini.
I went out for the day exploring the peninsula hoping for water to fish but not expecting much, spent the first part of the week watching the rivers rise online, knowing when I left that most if not all would be unfishable, but I left hoping that there might be something dropping into shape, it did stop raining for a couple of hours you know. So off I went, I had a place in mind when I left the flows had doubled but if it wasn't too muddy I figured I could fish it. On the way out I spent a good bit of time stopping at every bridge I crossed giving a look and just as I thought it was really bad, and looking around as I drove the clearcuts were just depressing me, there really isn't much hope for our rivers it doesn't seem. My first choice was flowing ok but pretty murky but after driving so far I needed to just get out of the car so I cast for a bit without any success and left. I drove to my second choice and when I looked over the bridge I could see the bottom, my spirits rose, it was moving a little faster than I was comfortable with, my river skills are not the best but without practice they won't get any better so away I went. I fished down river at first but I found out that it was pretty crowded so I went up river looking for runs I could fish that weren't already taken, it was tough the gear guys pretty much just pick a run and stay there, so I was fishing alot of hard to get to holes and runs. I was in mental heaven no steel but I found out that chum like glow bugs, alot! I fished up the river aways the trail was very muddy I slipped and fell a few times, once sliding 15' down the bank into the river right into a hole getting totally soaked which is when I started back, and then there it was, the perfect run, just vacated by 2 guys fishing shrimp without success but the water was too nice looking to pass up, there was no room for a backcast but by throwing a really ugly roll cast of sorts I managed to get my line out far enough for a fairly decent drift 20 casts later or so there was a tug, it felt different from the chum, really jerky but I missed it, I cast again and to my amazement the fish grabbed the fly again and just took off no this was not a chum, they would grab the fly but it would feel more like a snag than a fish at first, this was something that fought right from the start, it ran down river trying for a logjam but I managed to turn it before all was lost and after a short battle brought a nice hatchery hen to hand, she was fairly dark but a beautiful fish never the less. I drug my wet ass on down stream after that catching a few more chum as I went but all in all very pleased with my day.

happy holidays

Sweet, I like your persistance. If you never would have went you would have never had that experience. This also proves my point that I give lots of clients and fisherman..."Never be afraid to fish behind another fisherman, drift boat or sled!"

I cannot tell you how many times when a buddy of mine and I are working together running 2 drift boats fishing the same run and the second boat hooks into fish. We had one day were we were fishing the same run and he went through first and hooked nothing, then I went through and the client in the back of the boat hooked a steelie, then my buddy rows up and fishes behind us while we are fighting the fish. After we land the fish, I row back up behind my buddy who just went through for the second time in the same run and didn't hook a fish and we come in right behind him and the same client hooks his second steelie in 2 passes. The story is not over yet...we do this again for a third time. Same client hooked his 3rd steelie.

On another trip I was ahead of my buddy in the next run downstream, I had already made at least 6 passes before he caught up with us and his first pass right behind me he hooks a steelie. On another occasion on a different day, the only time that my boat hooked into fish was when we were the second boat through. We ended up hooking 6 steelhead on nymphs while being the second boat through.

Had a day late in the fall while the water temp was 37 degrees and there is this run that is almost like frog water...minimal current...perfect for cold water and a guy was backtrolling divers with shrimp. My clients and I waited him out and watched him hook nothing...after he left we came right in behind him fishing nymphs and hooked 3 steelhead in a row.

So, I have countless stories just like this and my point is...NEVER BE AFRAID TO FISH BEHIND SOMEONE....especially if you are using a different technique.

One last quick instance...I was fishing on top a cliff about 15 feet above the river and the tailout I was fishing had 8 steelhead in different lies. I could see how each one of them reacted to my offering. I had to change flies a few times but I ended up catching 4 out of the eight fish that I could see. The cool thing was, every fish I hooked wanted the offering in a different spot. The first one I hooked went 10' and grabbed...the second one, I could hit him in the head...he wouldn't take, but as soon as the offering was 6" to the right and above his head...he mashed it. (Took a dozen cast to get it right). Same thing for the 3rd fish I hooked...he wanted it in a certain spot and when I hit that certain spot he went for it...MISSED...turned around and came back and mashed it....I about had a heart attack! Again the 4th fish would ignore my offering until I got "it right". Being able to see from above how these fish reacted to my offering...helped me learn that just because I didn't hook a fish in a tasty run...doesn't mean they are not there. Since then I have never been the same. If I know there are fish in a certain run and can't get them to bite...I adjust. Thanks for listening...sorry for writing too much...I get excited about things and just start typing. Merry Christmas and take care. CONGRADULATIONS on your outing and catching that steelhead.