Elwha Report


Idiot Savant
This was my first trip along the Elwha and it was very memorable. I won't bore anyone with all the "agony of da feet" but suffice to say it's a grunt to hike into the upper reaches of the river.
Day one, nadda, but what could I expect, this is the first river I've fly fished. I'm usually only a still water fisherman. But I start to "see" what pocket water is, and what "seams" look like, where the fish are rising to naturals.
Day two, BINGO! My first trout on a dry in a river. A nice 12" rainbow, that is healty and strong, I wonder about my tippet, but it holds and I remove the 16 X-Caddis I made from his lip and off he goes. Two more fish on, using another X-caddis and an Irrisistable. Then, on a X-caddis, I get a hard smack, and the line goes still but very tight. All of a sudden the 16"er hits the surface and heads upstream. I get that singing in the line as I head him into shore to release him. These fish are really beautiful. Steely blue-ish green backs with fine dark spots, light blushes of red on their silvery sides. They blend so quickly with the river bottom when I release them.
Two more fish round out my day between 9 and 12".
Day three is another bust, but I'm happy just to be fishing.
Where were they, you ask? Canyon Camp and Mary's Falls. My other partners also find fish in between Elkhorn and Canyon Camp. No Dolly Llamas landed, but one gave my friends son a good run before the LDR.
What was on the water? Little yellow Sallies, mayflies, some caddis, and lots of small midges. What worked? Parachute Adams, X-caddis, Irrisistables, no nymph success at all. 5 and 6X seems to bring the best results, 4X seemed to keep them away even when they were active all around. Time O'day? 2:30 to dark.
Water is low by about a foot to 18" from normal. The Ranger stated there was a big flood in Feb. that blew out the old holes and made new ones. So for those that have been there, the river has changed, as they often do I'm told.
Will I do it again? Silly question, but ask me when I quit hurting in spots I forgot I had.