Looking for a 3 wt

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Looking for a 3 wt and the best light line to go with it

go for the 389-3 LL or vps-lt(same blank) , you cant go wrong,
i got a 389vps-lt(couldnt find a LL), and love it to death, it really does it all, by the way if u r at it, buy a cortland classic Sylk dt3f to go with it, only the best light line out there, thinner straighter suppler, BETTER, and thus the best subtle presentation, if u have ever cast a real silk line, this is the next best thing (without the hassle :thumb: )
the marryat cmr 3/4 balances it great, and has a great drag.
i got mine in bronze

if you cant find the LL or vps lt, the SLT is a good second

good luck
Willie Bodger said:
I must disagree with the no 6 wts claim. I had a LL 690-3 which I just sold a few months ago on this board (still kinda bummed I did it). And no, Kent I meant the LL series. I knew they made a 2 pc and a 3 pc, wasn't aware of the 4 pc variety.


you sold an LL ??? wont happen to me, id rather starve


Dana Miller
Looking for a 3 wt and the best light line to go with it

huibgeselschap said:
go for the 389-3 LL or vps-lt(same blank) , you cant go wrong,
There's a new 389-3 VPS-lt for sale on E-bay right now if I remember correctly. They also have a Winston LT 389 5 piece for sale as well.


AKA Joe Willauer
tyler said:
i too am shopping for a new 3 weight and based on what i've read here will add the SLT to my test cast list. i've been fishing a 7'9" rod and would like something longer.

has anyone fished the winston BIIx 8'6" 3 weight?

too bad about the LL. by all accounts, a great series of rods. tough to find these days, though. i did see some offered recently from an online shop -- fly fishing show demo rods i believe. maybe the same PA outfit mentioned earlier?


THe BIIX is a great rod, but much faster action than the LL
thanks, joe. i have the BIIx in a 5 weight and love it. over the last year it's become my "go to" trout rod. funny, though, i don't think of it as being all that fast. it's power is deceiving 'cause it's so light and sensitive. so... i figured i'd go cast the 3 weight. gotta hit some shops once this rain abates.

i cast a 490 slt today next to my vps-lt 389, and i must say the slt is way stiffer, but casts really nice too, just not the same feel

good luck on your choice
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