Looking for hints in area 11

Well I finally got my boat out of the shop after 3 months after using it only once since I got it and I want to use it before the weather gets bad again. I am looking for places to try some silver action with my fly rod. I am keeping the boat in the Des Moines marina for the next few weeks, so areas not to far from there is best without to much running around. The boats is only 15 FT with a 70 hp outboard. I know I can fish Three Tree Point and the sand spit areas as well as Browns point with the down rigger. I used to years ago before I took up the fly rod and will do some this year as well. I also know I can hook up the flyrod to the down rigger. But is there anywhere in the area where I can fish closer to the surface? I tried Three Tree on the point itself and c&r 1 small Blackmouth of about 9"-10". Also has any one had any luck for cutthroat in the Des Moines area? Most of the post talk about the Tacoma area or in the Hood Canal area but is that only because the beaches have better access. I am new to fishing the salt water with a fly rod and have only tried a couple of times. Email me if you do not want everyone to know were to go.

It is always a thrill to watch a fish swim away after he has given his best to release himself and he could not, but you could. :BIGSMILE
Have you tried "The Light House" at Point Defiance. My guess is that you would kill the Silvers at first light with a clouser or other baitfish pattern. As a kid we fished the heck out of that place, and took so many fish, we got in trouble for bringing them home most of the time, but that was long before my Fly Fishing days though. Most of the fish we caught were in the top 15ft. of the water column, and the only other compitition for the bait we had was the seagulls, and I bet they would be a kick in the pants with a fly rod! Just joking.... Another choice is on the Gig Harbor side of the straight, just along the beach under the Narrows Bridge, this is some killer shoreline for S.R.C.'s. It has been years since I spent every day there likei did when I was growing up, but if I go back to fish there those are the top 2 in my book. :THUMBSUP
I'd explore the shoreline along Ollala Bay and along the West side of Vashon Island. Have an uncle with a cabin across from Ollala and he catches them off the beach.

I fished the Vashon beach between Klahanie and Point Heyer while staying with some friends at Klahanie. Caught 2-3 sea-runs each day fishing for a couple hours each day.
I'll "second" silverbrown's recommendation for Olalla/Western Vashon. This area recently started producing quite nicely.

Yes the boat is rated up to a 80HP outboard. The boat has a cabin with a porta potty as well. The boat is a 15FT Arima built back in 89 and I am the third owner of. The motor pushes the boat well enough for water sking if I was so inclined but I never learned how. The boat has been used by every owner for fishing but I am most likely the first to fly fish from it. It came with 4 down riggers, VHF, and a depth sounder as well as lift jackets, anchor and spare parts. It makes a stable platform to cast from when I go out by myself on. Might be crowded for two but I may try nexz year after I get used to the boat more. For now when I take my freinds we will most likely troll coho flies from the down riggers. Most of my freinds do not cast a fly rod well, though I am teaching one to and I have another who wants to learn. I am looking for areas to fish shallow water when I am out alone not to take my freinds to until they learn to flyfish though to their credit even the ones who do not flyfish release most of what they catch like me.


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Growing up right on Three Tree Point I threw flies out there as soon as dad would let me go out on my own.... On occasion I still do go out there while visiting mom and dad to have a great flashback... Fish the Normandy Park side of the point right along or inside the bouy line. Throw straight at the beach, and bring it in... I would fish the whole beach all the way to the stream outlet at the Normandy Park beach park. Play the incoming or slack tides, and if there is any kelp, or crap floating in the water, stay close to it. Always used spiders in pearl, or pink.. But at times it never mattered what you threw as the would take it, then there were times nothing worked.