Grande Ronde

I'm mounting a major campaign to the Grande Ronde. Have guide; will travel. He's worried about the water being too low. I'm begging the shower gods to open their hearts to me and pelt me with rain. Not too much! Just enough to bring the fish up from the Snake and then settle back nicely for some frothing of the Grande with my pinpoint, upstream, drag free, dry flies. Is a size 4 muddler minnow a dry fly?
It does float.
Any good words here? Any news? Reports? Old stories? Tips?
I'll take anything except your personal problems. Thanks in advance. :BIGSMILE
My favorite river for fishing a floating line for steelhead. There are so many beautiful pools. Skunk type patterns, sparse muddlers in purple or orange body. There are a couple of local Lewiston patterns called the purple arrowhead and Beats Me that are effective. Nothing really special about techniques, fish a floating line early and late in the day or with cloud cover, when the light is on the water you can get fish with a sink tip and smaller marabous in purple, black , red etc. Stop by Bogan's oasis for a tasty bite to eat. Twin river anglers in Lewiston knows what is happening on the Ronde, check out their website, for flows and temps. Give us a report when you get back as I'm there in a couple weeks. Have Fun.


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The suggestion about Twin Rivers is a good one. They are always very helpful and seem to really know whats going on. Definitely let us know how you do down there and what the word is on the water.

As for the muddler minnow, that is my best kept secret for not catching any fish :WINK . When they are new or have not caught many fish they have a tendancy to float. They are actually designed to fished subsurface, from what I have come to understand anyways. By far my favorite fly. Good luck on the Ronde.