Best Pontoon under 1200.00?

There is a guy in Tukwila that sells pontoons that are darn near the same as a Skookum, pontoon wise anyway. The frame isnt as nice, though, but it does have a standing platform, just no upright support. I think the 10ft goes for around $1100. I don't think you could tell a Skookum pontoon from one of these, the frame is a different story. I beleive the place is Xstream fly fishing or something along those lines. I might buy one of these myself, but will wait for the sportsmen's show to look at more boats first.

Zen Piscator

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I would take Kristen's advice and go with the watermaster. They are so much more portable, and wayyyy easier to fish out of. I have used one a fair amount and love it!

Outcast makes the nicest boats in that price range in my opinion. I've not seen the recent editions of the Buck's Bags Bronco's, but my brother has the Outcast Pac 9000 and it is a sweet boat. It's a little on the heavy side, but it is put together very well. I think it's in that price range. If not, I'd look at the Bronco.
Ditto the Watermaster or Waterstrider. Every decision depends on how you are going to use the gear but I would suggest, as Zen did, the WM is way the heck more portable.
The WMs do look nice, but with only a 3 yr warranty at 1050.00 dollars? You should get at least a 5 yr warranty, let alone a 10 yr warranty for something over a grand....:confused:
I would recommend taking your friend to The Fly Show in Bellevue this February. All the companies will be there and you can see for yourself the different boating options.

I am looking for a river capable craft myself and it looks like I will be getting a watermaster with the hard seat and anchor.

I have to say go with the Watermaster. I have one of the old Tote n Floats. Without a doubt the best feature is when you float and see that tasty spot all you have to do is stand and the boat will just rotate around you. Fish the spot and get back in your boat.
Bill Douglas said:
I have the Scadden boat. In hindsight, I should have sent it back. The welding is shoddy, and they made no attempt to grind down the splatter. Some of the holes don't match up quite right. The lean bar for the casting platform is especially bad. The casting platform has metal support pieces that just ride on the frame. Every time you move it in and out you take powder coating off of the frame. They advertise attaching a motor to the cargo platform. This doesn't work so well. There is too much flex in the platform itself and in the tubes for it to be effective. It doesn't even handle the little two horse I have very well. The anchor rope is routed through the foot rest. The little detent pin that holds the foot rest in place is not strong enough to withstand much tug on the anchor line. If you have to pull on the anchor rope very hard at all, the foot rest pops out of place. Oh, and the tackle and gear bags that come with it get in the way of rowing.

The boat works okay for a lot of applications. It does handle quite well on the water, but given what I paid for it, I would go a different route if I could do it all over again.

I know what you are saying and I could add a few more horror stories to what you have said. I wish I would have bought the Outcast instead.:mad: :mad:

David Prutsman

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whynothunt said:
I know what you are saying and I could add a few more horror stories to what you have said. I wish I would have bought the Outcast instead.:mad: :mad:
Actually, Outcast produced Scaddens boats, until he went with a different company in Utah. He's not the smartest buisnessman
take a look at the outdoor discovery craft (odc 915) made by creek company. Comes with everything to get started, has 9ft pontoons, hefty oars, fins, a sturdy frame, a good pump, and an aluminum cargo deck with a motor mount. I bought one last year and I am really happy with the quality of mine. the best part about it is that you can get a 2004 model which is the same as the 2005 model except for the seat. I paid the company I bought it from an extra 30$ i think to send a swivel, padded, bucket seat that fit the frame perfectly. I advise springing for the seat if you decide to get it because the seat it comes with looks uncomfortable.

the 2005 model is 600$ and the 2004 is only 400$ the price makes it sound cheap but it is a quality boat not flimsy at all!

I bought mine from this company over the internet although I called when I ordered to make sure I got the seat;)

here is the link to creek co. page with the 2005 model

Outcast, Buck's Bags, Waterskeeter, and Creek Company are not in the same class as Skookum. For boats that are on the same level as Skookum (and at more reasonable prices) look at Xstream, BadCat, Black Bear, and WaterReady.
From the looks of it, Outcast boats are 1 step down from Skookums, and everything else that has a bladder is 2 steps down from Skookum. I've seen the Bucks Bags, and imo the frames and welds are below the Outcast.

BB South fork and Xtreme models use a smaller diameter tube and welds are below the qulaity of the Outcast. I do like the fact of Stainless steel though, like the Steelheader. Other than that, Bucks Bags do not touch the quality of Outcasts.

Outcasts imo are the BEST 14 mil Polyurathane bladder type Pontoons in the world!:ray1: