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I don't fish it much during the winter. It seems to slow down then. I would go in a couple of months when the smolts start moving.
Cutthroat fishing always slows down in Ollala, in most of South Sound actually, through about mid-February. Then you will begin seeing fish around Ollala and most other better known spots. Some will be heading in to spawn and others will be just coming out, thus there will be both kelts and robust cutts mixed at that time and on through March, which is the heart of the spawning season. After that you'll see mostly nicely recovered cutthroat eager to hit Miyawaki Sliders, Cutthroat Candy, small sand lance, Raptis Sculpins and various krill patterns.
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Fished a seattle area beach yesterday afternoon in the rain. Line went tight after about a half and hour of casting and I brought in a nice 12-13" cutt... Made my day - after fishing this beach this summer and fall, I was beginning to think there weren't any fish. Apparently there is at least one fish near Seattle.

Ringlee: I am naming your tube fly the "Searun Slayer"
Loucas Raptis is a Victoria, BC artist and an outstanding fly tier. His sculpin is listed in Fly-Fishing Coastal Cutthroat Trout.
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Nagasaurus, let me add my thanks for the link to the BCFFF edition you listed. It had some really enjoyable information, good photos and all very applicable to the Northwest. As a dentist I have used instruments designed by Dr. Spratley and have fished with Richard Raisler's son in Montana, so the article on the Spratley was very interesting. The sculpin info was very good, too. Thanks.

Actually, SRC fishing is just not very good any where. I recommend that you just stay at home you don't want to waste your time stay where it is warm and cozy. I am just kidding if you had not caught on by now. Just get out on the water; I am rarely skunked when targeting SRC's no matter when or where I go. The nice thing about the South Sound area is that you can move around and hit many beaches in a short time. Even if you only get one that is a good day. As my friend Josh says if SRC's where as large as Steelhead they would be completely fished out because he thinks and I agree that they are the most acrobatic, hard fighting and just beautiful fish on the planet, but that is just how we feel. Get on the water they are around, don't you worry. -Nick
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Nagasaurus, thanks for the site reference
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Nagasaurus, let me add my thanks for the link
You are welcome, although I can't take very much credit since I just fired up "loucas raptis sculpin" in good ol' Google when I saw references to the pattern in this discussion.