Resident silver fishing?

I have been tied up with other commitments so have not been able to get out fishing on the Sound for resident silvers this week. Has anyone been out and had any success?

The numbers of resident silvers seems to be down this year and they appear to be more scattered in comparison to last year but the size of the fish is better. Last week some fish were pushing 16" which bodes well for Aug/Sept when these resident silvers should be around 24" or more if there is a good food supply available particularly when they switch from krill and amphipods to baitfish. These "eating machines" put on about an inch per month.

May the Lord bless you when you partake in this fishery!



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I ran into a couple small packs of silvers while fishing Case Inlet on Wednesday. We were fishing for cutthroat with poppers and the silvers would hit and run. The cutts hit and stuck except for one of about 18" which followed my partners fly all the way in before he jerked it away from it.

There was no sign of the maddening surface sipping of a few weeks ago.