Granite lakes???

I was speaking to a member a few days ago that told me about three lakes that you can 4X4 up too and there is camping grounds right there and there is hardly anyone over there and the fishing is excellent for trout.

I think he mentioned Granite lakes?


Which Granite lakes? There are two outside of Darrington (sp?) that have Grayling, but unless you have a serious 4x4 you will not get within 4 miles of them. The last time I hiked in, if you had a dirt bike (etc.) or BIG 4x4 you could get within 1/4 to 1/2 mile. That said there were two fairly large creeks to cross and it may not even be passable now.
I am not sure, I wish I knew. I drive a hummer and can ussually get into anywhere unless the trees prohibit it.

He said with a 4X4 you can drive up right to the lakes.

Not sure if these are the "Granite" lakes located off the Cascade river / Boulder creek drainages out of Marblemount. The old road I've used in the past is a genuine 4 wheel drive, rough, washed out in places, loose and steep. Another website locally had some comments & a picture of this area from a recent trip and the submitter talked about a 7 mile trudge in there which tells me that the Jordan lakes side of the hill was used to gain access. Don't know if you can still grind up the Boulder creek side or not but it has in the past been the better way there when you could drive it. Not much logging left up there so the road could be completely blown out by now.


I will try again maybe next weekend. I can see why members keep thier spots to themselves, it's tough to get away from people here.


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Most of the places that you used to be able to drive to now have gates on them. As for the Bolder river route. That road washed out several years ago and they (the forest service) deceided not to rebuild it. But I have not been up that way in a few years so I really don't know what condition the road is in.

I have been up there several times, the last being about 3 years ago. The road wasn't gated but it is totally washed out at the first major crossing. A hummer wouldn't even handle it. Even if it could be crossed, it wouldn't matter because uphill from there you've got about 4-5 miles of really rough ex-logging road which is becoming a singletrack due to the growth of alders and some firs. When you get up there you'll get to two smaller lakes which, as far as I know have only westslope cutts. the other two lakes, only one of which has grayling, are an additional 0.5-1 mile steep hike through virgin forest. I can't remember which one has the grayling...upper I's listed in the WDFW regulations pamphlet and probably on the website so you can research it that way if nobody pipes up about it.

No drive-in camping though, which is why the place is still absolutely wonderful. count your lucky stars!
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It's my guess that the Granite Lakes that can be reached by 4X4 are those up the middle fork Snoqualmie river just West of North Bend.
Those are the ones most likely the source of the origonal discussion.