19 ft. Nash Travel Trailer,Was 6K now $5,000.00

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by BOBLAWLESS, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. For Sale, 1996 19ft. Nash Travel Trailer

    Excellent condition, perfect for the fly fisherman. Tows easy. Has a bunch of stuff: Pioneer disk player/AM;FM, 4 factory installed speakers,Micro wave, big frig with seperate freezer, hot water by propane, outside shower for washing off kids at the beach or whatever; two batteries, 1 year old, 2ea 7 gallon propane tanks, brand new and full-have the required new intake ports, Suburban heater with floor vents,carpeted, sleeps 6 if everybody loves everybody, 3 vents, bathroom has power vent, tub and showers, TV cable intake and radio antenna, 30 gal. holding tanks(fresh, grey and black), water and sewer hoses, monitor panel, end double bed that converts to couch, overhead bunk for the kids or storage, dinette converts to double bed, dual axle, no wear on tires, manual stabilizer, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, tons of storage inside and out, carries table and outdoor carpet on the back bumper with a welded carrier, (bikes could be tied on) big awning on entry side, shiny, no dings, no rust,no leaks, screened windows, ready to roll.
    Some trailer dude in Auburn told me he'd give me 8 to 11K if I bought a bigger, newer one. But no thanks, I am to old to camp. Motel and diners for me from now on.
    You bring the truck and a check for 5k and you leave with a new home that you can tow anywhere. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  2. 19 ft. Nash Travel Trailer, $6,000.00

    Bob, we need to talk, I've got Jury Duty on Monday. When I get home we could talk if you PM me with your number.
  3. 19 ft. Nash Travel Trailer, $6,000.00


    I sent you a PM.

    Bob :thumb:
  4. Hi Bob,

    We may be interested in your trailer. Does it have air condition?
  5. Fer the love of Jesus man, look at the date on this post...:clown:
  6. Roper what's your point. The question is does it have air condition??
  7. Jesse, the point is, it is another google search where someone does not that the 3 seconds to check the date. This ad is SIX years old, doubt he is still trying to sell it. Sellers also need to do a better job of updating their ads, so when something is sold they mark it as such.
  8. LD jesse was being a smartass I'm thinking. LOL. Plus I think Mr Lawless disappeared for better terms at that timeframe.
  9. As a friend in good standing of Jesse, that's a big YUP!
  10. Better yet, when all the stuff in an ad is sold, they need to delete it.
  11. Yup, Yup, thats what they should do! Send it in triplicate to Chris. Enjoy the moment instead of pointing a finger?!. I was hoping Lawless would make a guest appearance and say it was still available and the price is now $4,000.00 The six year search function is working really well, just check out the watercraft section.
  12. Obsolete ads for items already sold clutter up the site, even when the items are marked "Sold." It's a courtesy to other members to delete those ads.
  13. I'll look at removing or locking up the old ads if it turns out to be straight forward to do. Otherwise I'll do it after I get the forum onto it's new software.

  14. Sorry Jesse, I was not my intention to be a smart ass. I do now Jesse and he is a great guy. It is just useless to have people doing a google search and dredging up 2-3-5 year old posts and adds, there have been several lately.
    One other board that I frequent I think has the best policy. You post an add for two weeks. Then you are to delete the add. You can re-post at a later time. If someone does not mind their posts they are warned and then banned from posting in the classifieds. This seems to work very well and completely eliminates these issues.
  15. LD, It's not a bad idea but the time it would take to carry it out would be a bit much. I think time would be better spent coming up with a mechanism that automatically locks or deletes ads after a certain period of inactivity.
  16. Don't want it to take any of your time or the other moderators, if you can come up with an auto delete after 60 or 90 days that would be great. The two week thing does work fairly well. I think that it is a short enough time frame that people will remember. Once it gets buried a few pages back and has been on there for a month or two it becomes out of sight out of mind. So what every is easiest for you would be great.
  17. Just for the record-it did NOT have air conditioning.

  18. Thank you for clearing that up.........................
  19. Thats why it's still for sale.
  20. Chris, does't vB have a "auto delete" type function/plugin where any thread older than 30 days gets axed? Turn something like that on for the classifieds and we don't ever have this issue. Or even better if we want to leave old threads around for chuckles and future reference, find an "auto lock" plugin that closes threads after a specific time frame. Then the only people who will get annoyed are sellers who forget to delete their ads and get PM's years after the fact.
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