NFR Steelers Praise 12th Man.....The Refs!

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All the bending over in the world can't overcome a couple of good plays here and there. Seattle played like crap, and lost. End of discussion. Seriously now, there's been bad officiating through the years -- even Jerome Bettis has a rule named after him regarding coin tosses. The Pittsburgh defense shut down an over-hyped offense run by a balding struggler. I like Sean Alexander, but Hasselback -- come on... Straight up -- you just didn't make the plays when you needed them. And it's true, any AFC team would have done the same. Had the Steelers lost the last game of the season and let the Chiefs in the playoffs... Anyway, props to Alexander for taking Priest's record and winning what should have been his second rushing title in a row. After running to the Superbowl this year, you can expect a more realistic schedule next year and more realistic expectations going into the post-season (assuming the Hawks make it). Cowher is the man -- chins up...


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QHays said:
The Pittsburgh defense shut down an over-hyped offense run by a balding struggler. I like Sean Alexander, but Hasselback -- come on...
Watch a lot of football?:confused: I think Hasselbeck was the best player on the field, just my .02.
Hasselbeck's brother would have been better on Sunday, and of course his dad would have been the best of all. Watch way too much football unfortunately, and find it hard to hate on a BC alum, but that guy sucks. Hey, Trent Green sucks too and you sure hear a lot of announcers talking him up. Come on now -- Big Ben sucked it up royally but he's a better player any day of the week. And what about Johnny football Hines. He's a player's player. Anyway, good thing there's rivers nearby...
Yo Motroutbum -- no love for the Chiefs? I can understand not liking the Rams but... How's the fishing been in MO lately? And to all the towel-haters including the old man, you need Seattle fans to come to the game in order to sell Seattle towels. You just don't have the fan base to make a showing at a Superbowl half a country away. Pittsburgh does (and of course it's a lot closer). Anyway, I gotta get off this thread and start thinking about fishing. Too many sports blogs out there anyway, this one is about the better things in life.........


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QHays...with your analysis just stick to soccer...OK? :p It's evident you are a Beckham fan ...and enjoy the stick with it! :p
Ouch there Porter. You Seattle fans really are haters... Funny, when I lived in Seattle going to a game sure wasn't what it is in the rest of the country... Who's Beckham, you might have to fill me in?......... Seriously though, this isn't analysis, it's a little ball-breaking for some folks that seem to be crying a little too hard......... No mean spirits here, just trying to get ya'll to lighten up.
I used to like the steelers until they made it to the super bowl against the Hawks. Now I cant stand them cheating bastards!! Say what you want about the game or me, this is just my opinion. Go Cubs!!



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great sports teams make their homes in great sports cities. folks in those cities know how to accept victory with humility and defeat with graceousness. seattle gets a big F on both counts.

i just can't imagine any coach blaming his bad decisions and his teams lack of execution on the 'striped shirts.'

i can guarantee if the roles had been reversed, yinzers would have offered up their congratulations and gone back to their drawing boards looking forward to the next season. and yes, pittsburgh is and always has been a great sports city.


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"We are Family"...does not include referees...Pitt blah blah blah.

Hey's all for fun...I'm not picking on anyone or anything said :)

Except those who palyed 5th grade pee wee and now know it all... :clown:
Dude I HATE the Chiefs. I may live in mo but my family is from Pittsburg and im from LA, Ca. I have never been a Chiefs fan and i never will not even for a mil. They can suck on my left nut for all i care. The fishing here is ok i guess i havent been down to taneycomo in almost 2 months cause ive been in colorado fishing and am working to make money to move there for my guide job that i got in the 2 weeks i was there. Cubsuck. Im a cards fan. I love me some red birds!!!

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All men are equal before fish
Anyone see Rothlisberger admit to Dave Letterman last night that he didn't score? Also turns out the ref who flagged D-Jak for pass interference, was born and raised in Pittsburgh.
Allright guys. Here's my attempt at a pep talk.

“When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less.”
-Paul Brown

“A winner never whines.”
-Paul Brown

"You never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn't mean a thing. That's for the fans. You've got to win the war with the man in front of you. You've got to get your man."
-Vince Lombardi

"It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up. "
-Vince Lombardi

"Football is a game of errors. The team that makes the fewest errors in a game usually wins.” _Paul Brown

"We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time. "
-Vince Lombardi
Thanks Sloan, I'm sure that really did it for us.:confused:

Call it whining if you like. Call it a need to go out, fish and get over it. The point is, when your team made it to the biggest game of the year, which is supposed to be a level playing field, and you come to find out that field wasn't so level, it becomes a real disapointment. The croud I don't think was a factor, so I'm not even talking about the 90% Steelers fans present with their terrable towels. When the Hawks dominated the first half they controled the pace and the croud. I think the point of all this "whining" is we were cheated from a fair opportunity to win the game. Should the Hawks have overcome the bad calls? Absolutely, and had they did they could have won the game if they scored when they had the chance to score. It was definately a test they failed at, because a better team in their position would have triumphed despite the bad calls. But the fact is, Seattle did not have it in them that night to overcome those bad breaks, and we're upset they had to face them in the first place. So all you guys who want to call Seattle a bunch of whiners, living in an "F" graded city that isn't worthy of a good team can move on and fish as you see fit. Perhaps we just need to vent for a while longer!:mad:

Ya motrout -- that's my boy -- at little down home hating on the Chiefs. It's all right -- I feel the same way about the Donkeys over there in that state next door (which you might know better soon). I don't blame you for not liking the Pirates either -- I'm a reluctant Royals fan but some time living in Boston put me on the BoSox side about 10 years ago... Buck up Seattle boys, the Mariners aren't look too shabby this year......
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