One of those resident coho days

Sunday dawned with little wind so it was finally time to get out on Puget Sound to chase after resident coho. I hooked 15-18 fish but only landed two fish. Not a very good batting average so chalk one up to those "twisting/spinning rascals".:hmmm:

I kept one resident coho(15") for dinner and it had euphausids in it's stomach. It was sunny so the resident coho were not very active on the surface with only the ocassional "jumper" fish. The fish were sitting on the inside edge of a current seam at two locations. The flies of choice were olive/white and chartruse/white clouser minnows with the former hooking the most fish.



Was wondering where you put in at... I've been going over to Southworth and like most everywhere else, it's hit and miss. I've been looking for some spots up north closer to home.:confused: