Cabo beach fishing?

My wife and I are heading down to Cabo next week. So I was wondering if anyone has been fly fishing from the Medano Beach in the last couple of weeks and how the fishing has been? We will be staying at Pueblo Bonito Blanco and I will be fishing the beach to the north of there. The last two years it has not been very good from the beach the first week in Febuary. Hope it is better this year!

One thing I can suggest is to take some fairly small flies, smaller than you would think for Baja. The bait down there has been sparse for about 2 years and what bait there is is pretty small. On my last trip I was catching fish on sea-run cutt flies because everything else was too big. Go with a #4-2 Chartreuse Clousers. I'm sitting here tying up some small sardina patterns right now based on my local sea-run and coho flies but in the right colors for Baja because I'm heading to Eastcape in a few months. I don't know the Cabo area specifically, I pretty much stick to Eastcape just because I hate Cabo but I know that the weird bait situation is pretty much all over down there. I did OK in December a few years back fishing small flies in the early morning hours and got quite a few jacks and rooster fish. Buena suerte!

I've made some eighteen trips to Baja over the past twenty-odd years. This is not the very best time for fishing Baja but you should have some success along the beaches for roosters and other critters that hang out in the surf. Dorado, skipjacks and billfish prefer the blue water further offshore. I personally like flies like the Captain Skippy or Sea Habit in 2-3/0 and an intermediate line and a 10-weight rod. Your reel should hold 200 yards of backing. These are incredibly strong fish -- and fast.
It is tough to find a fly-fishing savvy pangero in Cabo but there are some in case you'd like to buy a ride to the blue water for a day.
Also, look up Baja on the Fly and Baja Big Fish Company websites for current information.
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Medano beach can be very good at times. I caught my first rooster there a few years back. I've never fished it in February. The surf may be larger then at other times of the year. My advice would be to hit it at daylight before the wind, beach walkers and jet skiers become active.
One other thing I found. Fish where the arroyo dumps in between the Pueblo Bonito Rose and Villa Del Palmar. Depending on how much rain there has been, a drop off / hole forms where the arroyo dumps in. I've seen fish concentrated there during a few trips to fish that beach.
Also search the archives as this subject has come up a few time recently.
Good luck and please post a report on your trips successes.

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Brian/Stonefish, get to work! :)

Also, don't just take chartreuse/white clousers, take along a variety of colors, including all white clousers. Very under-recognized color combo. Small sea habits are great, as are deceivers. Standard patterns are tough to beat.

Maybe heresy to some of the folks here, but take along a casting rod and spoons or plugs for those windy conditions you may likely encounter this time of year.

Don't forget your stripping basket/net!

BEST BET: rent a panga for $30/hr, and take your wife out with you for a few hours. You may encounter some sierra (better have some wire tippet with you, or have lots of flies to replace those that will be zipped off!), jacks, dorado, skipjack, yada yada yada. In the scope of things it's pretty cheap to go out on a boat, particularly if you can get someone to split the cost with you (and you'd be surprised how many other folks there looking to share a panga), and the fishing is exponentially better this time of year than fishing from the shore. :thumb:
I'd like to second Richard's recommendation for an all-white clouser. I fished with Baja Anglers and that was their go-to fly for tuna off the point. Very effective. As I recall, it was a size 4 or 2 800S.
A spinning rod can also be very useful if you have someone who will tease fish for you. On my last trip down we did this using a hookless bass plug and it worked well getting the fish in closer to be able to cast a fly to. I also would toss the spin rod at times when the wind was up and got some jacks and rooster fish using it and pretty much always take one down to Baja now.

I'd second calling up Baja on the Fly,, too and trying to arrange a day out with them. They do beach-based trips as well as panga trips where they will tease in the fish for you. Looking at their fish calendar this is the time of year there could be some striped marlin still hanging out as well as some Yellowtail and you'll have to get out in open water for either of these. Otherwise, this is a prettly slow time for the Los Cabos area.



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Last year we stayed 10 minutes outside Cabo San Lucas...there were a few people that would fish at first light on the beach because the surf was not as bad...I personally couldn't get my ass up that early on vacation!

Anyway, they caught (if a bait ball came in close) sierra's, and jacks. The one guy I talked to would use a full sinking shooting head of 30' or more and let it hit bottom (clouser) and then jig. The clouser was no bigger than a 4 and had olive green and white...tied 'very' sparse!

The funniest thing I saw was a guy from Spokane (I believe) who frequents the forum drag his float tube down there...he had to time it perfectly to get in and out of the surf break or he was for sure ass over tea kettle! Anyway, saw him hook into some sierra and was pulled around a bit...quite funny...gutsy? stupid? balls of steel? you take your pick...I would't dangle my legs in the salt!

BTW - this was in April.



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I've done the same thing - launch a float tube through the salt - off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I was hoping to reach the little tunny schools that were out there. I never did get a tug, but I did have some bottlenose dolphins pass by; the sense of distance is so deceptive when viewed from shore. I definitely had to time the wave sets heading out and especially returning; being dumped under the float tube would have been a mess - lost/broken rod, drenched flies, vest, tools, etc. Of course, I did all this when I was new to the area and did not yet know about the juvenile great white sharks and 12-15' bull sharks that love to hunt off the inlets at the Outer Banks in summer. Not the wisest move that I've ever done, but it does make for an interesting anecdote. Isn't that part of what makes life worth living (as long as you don't become a candidate for a Darwin award)? Now if I had had my pontoon boat then.....

Just got back from Cobo and fished the Medano Beach north of Pueblo Bonito Rose most mornings at daybreak. The fishing was not very good as I only caught 1 Sierra and no other hookups. There was only one morning when there were some fish(Sierra's?) working on the surface and I saw the the spiked fins of two rooster fish moving swifltly across water surface. You could frequently see some baitfish(sardines?) dimpling around in the shoreline surf but no fish chasing them.

Talked to another fly fisher who was going out with Baja Anglers the next day and they told him that the fishing has been slow. Didn't see him after that so don't know how he did.

The warm sunshine and Miami Vice and Sunrise drinks during "happy hour" more than made up for the slow fishing;) . There is always next year!

Thanks to all of you for your previous replies.

Am excited to get back to some resident coho and sea-run cutthroat fishing on Puget Sound.


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Roger, good job in casting a sierra from shore! They usually like that fly moving very fast . . .

You should have rented a panga. For $200 (including a tip), you could have had a 6 hour boat trip with fishing involved.