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The WA Department of Health reported today (10/2/2002) that they detected the West Nile virus in a dead raven in Pend Oreille County. :EEK

A good, effective mosquito repellent sounds like a "must have" item to pack on fishing trips from now on where mosquitoes may be encountered.

126 deaths have been attributed to the West Nile virus in the U.S. to date. Don't want a fly fisher to be the first casualty from Washington. Better to be safe than sorry.



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I heard about a case in Montana also not too long ago. Seems to be getting closer and closer... Scary stuff :EEK

Does anyone know the facts about which bug spray to use??



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I feel it is important to not get freaked out my this. People die all over the globe from things much scarier than West Nile. We as Americans Have had it easy(with regards to killer diseases)for a long time. 126 is only a fraction of what can end your life in a hurry. The media has hyped this thing up into a frenzy of fear on the unkwown. You are more likely to get killed on the way to some fishing destination in a car wreck. That being said, I'm not taking west nile lightly, it is a problem. I always carry bug spray. just remember deet is best, but can destroy your flyline in a hurry. Just wanted to say what I felt in a non-aggresive way and without causing anybody any ill-will. greg, this is a great post, it cetainly needed to be adressed, we all are scared of this thing, but let's be realists and understand our fears. :THUMBSUP YT

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What do I know---I'm just an old man

I don't go out unless I spray myself from head to foot with a good spray. As for what I use(right now it is out in my car and I'm not going out there because it's raining). It's not only for mosquito's it's for all those little bitting bugs and flies. And just because it got a little cold out side the bitting flies are still there.

Well I got brave and went out into the rain to see what it is that I use. It is called Skinsations put out by Cutter. I can put it on in the morning and it lasts all day. I checked out what's in it and it didn't list deet.

Like the posts above indicated, watch out for repellents containing DEET. Not only will it harm fly lines, it can also destroy the finish on your fly rod. Luckily, I found this out on an inexpensive rod. All fly shops offer a variety of non-DEET repellents.


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I got bit by a mosquito in Louisiana last month and lived. Since only 1 in 150 people infected with West Nile show serious symptoms, it's probably my fault they found it in this state now huh?

Hey, I don't believe I was "freaking out", avoiding reality or succumbing to irrational fears. I was simply passing along some info of general interest. Better to be informed than not, wouldn't you agree? Don't know why you would feel compelled to include a "non-aggressive" disclaimer in your reply but I'll accept your reply as being without malice.

Most folks who are exposed to the virus probably won't see or feel any ill effects; some will. Some may only develop mild flu-like sypmptoms. There are others who may develop West Nile Encephalitis or West Nile Meningitis from the virus. Those are not pleasant medical conditions. Some small percentage may die. I don't think any of us want to be one of those.

Considering West Nile Virus was not in the U.S. prior to 1999, it's spread throughout the country has been rapid. The fact that it is being detected in so many states so quickly attests to its virulance. 126 deaths attributed to something that wasn't here 4 years ago should be of serious concern to all of us and I don't believe that is "hype" by the media. Since its presence is now confirmed in Washington, and since fly fishers by nature of their pursuit often find themselves surrounded by mosquitos, wouldn't it be wise to elevate our level of awareness and take appropriate precautions?

Sorry you mis-interpreted my post as being alarmist in nature.



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Greg well said,

And NO you are not freaking out or being an alarmist.

Whitey stop trippin you Beeeotch. hehehehe If he gets out of line with his rabble just let me know Greg and I will ride my bannana bike up to his house and slap him down.



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Great reply Greg. I just wanted to point out that 126 dead is awful, but their are alot a way worse things out there. Annually, approx. 120 die from being hit on the head from a Coconut. Really, it's true. So thankful we don't have coconut trees around here. I just wanted to put the severity of west nile in context. The media has hyped this thing up, big time. Yes, I am scared of west nile, if could reach epidimic proportions, but it's not there yet. Let's hope it doesn't get there. Being well informed is the smart thing to due for sure, and it's seems you are. Having Chris have to email me more than once about bringing a bad additude, I was trying to cover by bases and not be hurtful or mean to anyone. My stupid remarks in the past were a 100% my fault, and Chris has warned me. so I didn't want to come across as being a ass or something. It's all good. West nile freaks me out bigtime, But I try to put the whole thing in context, and be rashional for myself. Kudo's to you for starting this post, It's a great topic and we all could learn something, and should be well informed about this virus. YT p.s. bring it on MacRowdy!
Consider this...

I bought a cheapo $18 digital plastic watch last summer for fishing. The very first time wearing it, i put on 100% deet and within an hour it had disolved the grey color on the watch, it oozed off like paint treated with thinner. makes me wonder.

the stuff works, but i am looking into other non-deet alternatives.

***hey guys, note the weather outside, we will have sub 32 degree nights before we know it, we can kill this thread till spring and go catch some fish!

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Having seen what DEET does to fly lines, I have a hard time putting it on my skin. I use a lemon eucalyptus oil creme from REI that works very well for me. I was up in Alaska earlier this year at at times the mosquitos were so thick it was hard to see. But my stuff held up just as well as the 100% DEET products some of my companions were using. Also worked well on a backpacking trip in the Elwha River basin earlier this year. The unfortunate reality is that there is no product that can guarantee you won't get bitten by one of the little buggers (well, maybe if you dipped your entire body in 100% DEET more than once a day).
just remember, throw 'em back

my aunt carol and uncle ed own a hunting outfitter called Backcountry Inc. they are based in Duvall. anyways they carry a mosquito repellent that works amazing (sorry, i cant remember the name off the top of my head)! it comes on a wipe (looks like baby wipes) and you just rub it all over your body. one pack will last you forever becuase the wipes are reusable. i use it in the summer when those nasty buggers are thick and it works awesome! it repels ticks and flies too. check out their website, the repellent comes in an orange, camo resealable pouch, hope that helps.



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Since Whitey's belligerence has dragged me into this I am going to have to tell you what I really think about West Nile. It sucks, yeah it is freaky but you know what!? I was reading in the MacRowdy personal constitution and under West Nile Virus it reads: "What the hell, I'm not going to stop fishing or anything because of it. And lets say I get it and live through it, I will pretty much be one of the ruggedest guys around and at least a local hero. And if I die from it I say: that's cool, at least I will be safely dead." Pretty poignient huh. I thought that one up all by myself.