SRC poppers?


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not sure what makes one a slider vs a popper... i just call all the surface flies poppers if they have any foam on them...
The easiest thing to do is take a baitfish pattern and slide a dink foam over the leader above your fly... works well



Popper usually has a flat or concave head you chug against the water, a slider has a cone head. If you turned the miyawaki popper head around it would be a popper.

Someone with more authority correct me if I'm wrong.


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IBN is correct. My popper is technically a slider. Miyawaki Beach Slider didn't sound nearly as nice as Miyawaki Beach Popper. I have since changed my tying techniques and materials since the posting on PSFC.COM.

The stinger is a Gamakatsu Octopus #4 and is looped on with 25lb Maxima.



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I have to tie bigger dries then. The pictures on here are of huge sliders and poppers. I use little ones. 2 inches at the most.
As others have said. You can turn any pattern into a dry. Just buy some foam heads and slide them on your line. Works really well and you don't have to have twie the flies, unless you want to.


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ringlee... the black and white one on top is about as small as i go, although i have a few that are about that size. A lot of the time i will have smaller fish strike at the larger flies and not hook them. Decreases the number of fish i catch, but the ones i do hook are bigger.


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Here are a couple patterns that I have been tying up in the last few weeks. I havent fished them yet. But these colors worked off my beach at christmas. The blue one was drying an wasnt quite finished yet. I will be trying these out in March.
Miyawaki's Popper is a slider (unless you turn the head around). What is important is that you don't have to "pop" Leland's slider. In fact, I've caught more salmon using a steady, gentle retrieve that just makes a very slight "V" wake. You just have to learn to make a couple of hard strips when the MP is grabbled before setting the hook. It will improve your fish to hand per hookup ratio considerably.
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