Src 2/20


Left handed Gemini.
Went out again yesterday and once again the fishing gods were smiling in my direction, the cutts. were plentiful and feeding I caught 4 all in the 12 to 16" range. The first fish took a popper 3' from shore I wasn't really casting just working out line, caught another on the popper that chased it down and just hammered it, I missed 2 others then they seemed to get wise to my bs and wouldn't have anything to do with it maybe a different color would have made the difference I'm not sure. I used my slow sink after that caught one on a sculpin pattern and one on a baitfish pattern, the tide was out then and so were the fish. One thing I did notice was just how colored up all the fish I caught were, bright throat slashes, really yellow fins and some color down the sides, prespawners? all were really fat and healthy with no sealice at all and fought like all get out too, wonderful morning.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Great report! Yep, those fatties sound like pre-spawners, as post-spawn cutts usually look pretty skinny for a short while.

Maybe you took everyone's luck. I was at Carkeek monday morning and nothing. Nada, nada, nada. Only my second attempt though. Nice to hear somebody caught something.
cheers to you,