Drift boat or canoe?

Does anyone have any suggestions what would be best for the Pend Oreille River.I,ll be up there in awhile and I am just trying to figure out what would be the best all around craft.I'll might be using it with my dog and to hunt also.Brian.


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The parts of the Pend Oreille I've seen suggest a canoe. Seems like it would take a long while to get anywhere in a driftboat.
Having owned several canoes over the years I will throw in my opinion.

Basically there are three types of canoes, cargo, racing and river. Each has a different configuration. Cargo canoes are the widest and designed to carry large loads but are the least manuverable and the most stable. Racing canoes are thin and designed to move quickly and easily but are the least stable of the bunch. River canoes are skinny at both ends and bulbous in the mddle. They can turn on a dime which is what you need in a river.

If you are going to get a canoe do yourself a big favor and take some basic lessons and even more so if you are going to do the river thing. At the least it will save you a lot of wet days and lost gear and maybe save your life in a bad scenario. Bad things happen quickly in any canoe!!!!!!

Canoe, unless you plan on dual usage and want to run the rivers too. I have a 15' Old Town w/ square stern. This gives you the flexibility of rowing or elec trolling/sm gas motor. Its pretty stabile even on big lakes. I’ve have had it in the river and don't recommend it. For the rivers I'd stick to a drift boat or a pontoon/kick boat type. Pend Oreille River as someone above states is a big impoundment to be paddling around. Something else to think about is you'll be sharing the lake with some high powered speed/fishing boats. Now that I think about it, I'd probably go with a small aluminum boat with a 5hp kicker. Another option you might consider is inflatable boats. There are a lot of choices but I would also make sure you get one with a hard transom. Then you have the row/motor option again.

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Thanks Folks!I've done some canoing in my teens with the boyscouts.I have a 5hp troller that needs rebuilding.I guess I'll be looking short wide skiff. Brian.