1940's or 50's bamboo fly rod identification help

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  1. My dad pulled this fly rod out of the closet at christmas time and gave it to me
    he said it belonged to his dad who died in the early 50's so we guessed it was from the 40's there are no marks on it at all. The only markings left are on the
    rod sleeve and its in bad shape.


    I put all new guides on it and showed to my dad . He was happy to see it all back toghter and looking good (my frist project)

    if you can help or want more info let me know

    Thanks, Jason
  2. Picture of the rod would be helpful, also if varnished or impregnated finish. I have an H&I Chancellor, one of their high end rods which is impregnated and mint condition after extensive use by my Dad. Purchased in 1946 for the grand sum of $40.00, price still on the tube, from Toshiro Hardware in Seattle after they were allowed to reopen the store after Warld War 11. I was with him when purchased and thought it was an exorbitant price compared to other rods they had in stock.
  3. great info I was able to find some flyrod pics on e-bay that look just like is wonderful info to have THANK YOU very much

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