sky was beautiful this evening!

Any one hit the skykomish today? was there this evening around 5 and the fish were jumping like jacks. left around 7 as the pink and silver reflection of the sun left the water . caught nothing but sounds and sights, some big fish 14-20 in. easily. was off the 311th st rd. in sultan. take care! bhudda :CLOWN

Rob Blomquist

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Tell me about it.

I was out on the Sky until about 7:45 with a partner, and I fished the head of the hole, and he was downstream, when I looked downstream, I saw the most beautiful red sky, and he was in the middle of a cast, I almost wanted a poster size picture.

I struck out. He, on the other hand, got a big nate steelie on the NF Sky, and a jack salmon just downstream of Proctor Creek.

We did see a number of jumping fish at the NF/SF confluence hole, and not to mention a big mayfly hatch went off there, not that anyone was interested.

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I was out there until around 6:30 near Monroe. Caught zero, had one hit while stripping in line to make my next cast. It felt bigger than a smolt too... oh well. Saw a few salmon splashing around here and there.