Lenore/Basin Lakes First Reports

Managed to get up for the opener this morning at Lenore. I'm also proud to say I caught the first legally caught fish of the 2006 season. The north end apparently got some runoff from a recent rainstorm and visibility is about 1-2". Yes, that's right, inches. I've never seen it that ugly looking and fishing was VERY tough. Water temp was around 38-39 and by the time I left at 10:30 there were about 15-20 guys. I managed to get 2, and I saw 3 other fish caught and a couple of others hooked in the 3+ hours I was there. It was pretty rough. May want to wait a week or two on this one, not sure how long it is going to take to clear. The south end looked clear, but I talked to a couple of guys who had fished down there in the morning and hadn't seen a thing.

I drove over to the basin lakes on my way home and even hiked in and fished one of them from the inlet bar for about an hour. The fishing was much better here. I didn't get one personally, but everybody I talked to had gotten 1-2 of them, and a couple of guys had 3-4 by noon when I got there. I only talked to a handful of guys coming off the lake, but I watched 3 of them land fish in the hour I was there. Lots of people here, probably 20 vehicles and tubes/boats visible the length of the lake. It will probably be a madhouse this weekend, but it is probably your best bet if you are heading over. I didn't check the water temp here.