the same fish again?

I was fishing the mighty Yak the other day, and i caught the same 15" porker, though he fought better the second time! He even took the fly on same side of the choppers (two neat little wounds for him to remember me by). And this was just 10 mins apart in the same spot. Anyone else exerience this? this was a new one for me.
Ya, thats happened to me before, i was fishing with a bugger and caught nice rainbow, 17 inches or so, and i came back a week later and caught him again on virtually the same fly, although he had moved a bit, i still recognized him.




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I am sure this has happened to all of us: Fishing for cutt's one eve, hit a fine 20 incher on a spent trico, he broke me off, it got dark, I left and got drunk, next AM, just as the sun was coming up, same fly casting to the same hole and rising fish, BANG! A 20 incher, played it cool, my buddy lands the fish and asks why I was using 2 trico's? Went over, looked and I'll be damned, it was the cuttie that snapped me off the night before, there was my fly! Stupid Cutts, I hear the catch ration is 1 of every 5 times it is fished for, they will take, as opposed to brownies where it is something like 1 of every 15-20! :DEVIL


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Ah I see,

So cuts have a higher stupidity ratio or do they have ADD. You know, they get caught and two seconds later have already forgotten about it!?



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I've got a great one of these. A buddy of mine and I were (plug)fishing for pike on a slow day. A nice one hit his plug, and as he was playing it, he tripped on something in the boat and out went the rod and reel, which sank to the bottom as it swam away. We looked for a while but never saw it.

Later that day (maybe 5 hours later), we were trolling along because it had gotten REALLY slow. We were maybe 1/2 a mile from the previous place; not too far away, but definitely different water.

A fish hit his plug, he reeled it in, and sure enough, the second plug was in its mouth, line and rod and reel attached. Talk about a stupid fish. I rarely admit that I ever do anything other than flyfishing (because I rarely do), but that story is too good to pass up.


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Two weeks ago, on Friday, I was on Lenice. One of the fish I caught in the morning was unusualy dark and had a clouded left eye. He was in poor condition. In the early evening I caught the same fish at approximatly the same spot on the same fly. He fought about the same the second time which was not to well. I felt sorry for him. Although I know better I like to think that his poor health caused poor judgement as if a "normal" trout wouldn't do this. If I catch him again later this week I'll be tempted to bonk him on the head. :AA


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In fact here is a picture of a nice Cut that took my 18 sowbug and then turned right around and fell for my buddy's 22 black zebra midge. Sorry about the poor picture quality. My scanner really really sucks. This fish fought better the second time. How we know it was the same fish is my friend, while trying to net the fish, accidentally got my lead fly caught on the string of his boot and the cut broke the 4x like it was nothing. So after I netted this fish for my buddy I got my sowbug back. Good times.