Question About A Fly Tyers Status...


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Here's another question that I'm not quite sure how to answer. Could I get your thoughts?

"When a fly is being tied totally out of the tyer's imagination and out pops this great fly which many hours of work, determination, and mistakes(and that the fly works)why does that persons status in the fly tying community change so much? "




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Hey ya'll...

Chadk, I'm not worried about the status so much. This is a question I was asked recently and wasn't really too sure of how to answer it.

In my opinion, too many people are all caught up in their egos and status. More people need to be more humble.



Bert Kinghorn

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No Question About A Fly Tyers Status...

Amazing how many of us are legends in our own minds.

It's just fishing! Why would angling-related accomplishments ever have anything to do with status?


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that said - there are some true artists out there who do some amazing work. Look at Davy's gallery - among many others on this board for examples...
My status hasn't changed. And, I've tied some really great flies over the years.bawling: Just kidding. The status only changes when self-promotion occurrs and someone believes. However, I haven't seen too many new flies over the years. I remember when the Muddler Minnow came out years ago. It was promoted as a fly "so hot that it should be illegal." I chuckle then and chuckle now when I see some of the promotion. In the last 30 years I've seen lots of change in fly fishing but 99% has been with better equipment (rods, reels, leaders, and lines) and very little in fly tying. I believe most of the patterns that are out there were out there thirty years ago. Though not as well known as today because of all the access to information which we have today. Of course there has been some innovation in the use of foam, beads (which I don't use), and few other synthetic materials but there really isn't much new out there. Also, these secret flies often don't work better than any other flies. Sometimes they are great and somedays they won't work, typical of any fly.
To answer your question: "Why does there status change so much?" Promotion by them or someone and it catches on and becomes a fad within the fly fishing community.
You have some really excellent fly tiers on this site. I'm sure some of these folks tie as well as some of those getting all the attention.



Ryan Haseman
I think a fly tier's status only changes when a "new" fly is truley developed, and not just created at the bench. The really awsome flies have been developed through many hours of trial and error ON THE WATER. Not just some one tinkering around on the bench, ( yeah it can look good, and it would make sense that it would work but how much has it been tested!)

Now I think Atlantic Salmon flies are a completely different catagory, there is more art than science/logic to those creations.

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I would have to disagree about tying in the last 30 years.

The advent of synthetics has caused a total revolution in tying.

Flies like the Shock and Awe tube, Cabellero, Copper John, Chernobyl Ant and many others lend credence to this statement.
If someone spends the time and energy to develop a 'hot' new pattern (hot being defined as a real fish catcher that's become widespread through word of mouth or publication) why shouldn't their status change? Perhaps they're intentions were to become popular through the research; or maybe they were tying it for themselves all along, and it became popular because of their good will to share their pattern with others.
I don't know....since I started tying a few years ago, my status has changed. My wife looks at me kinda funny now....not sure what that means, but I think it's a change of some sort :) chuck


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Do chicks really dig fly tiers? Hmmm...I'll even be more direct...Are there any on this board? haha ptyd

Thanks again fellas for the awesome replies :thumb:


Bob Triggs

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The more willing one is to share the gifts and knowledge, experience and skills that they have gained in our game, the more "status",(esteem), they will hold in my estimation.