Brian O'Keefe at AATF

Brian O'Keefe will be at the shop Friday, March 17 from 6:00-8:00 PM. Brian will be on hand with an awesome photo slideshow on Alaska. Brian's photos are amazing, and his fishing stories are a ton of fun. Come on out, meet Brian, see some great photos. It should be a entertaining evening at the shop.
Hey All - This is just a shameless bump to get this back in view!:)

Brian O'Keefe at AATF this Friday! Start your St Patricks evening with a slide show highlighting Alaska fishing. Brian's got some great photos, and he's a really got some fun and entertaining stories. If you've wondered about some AK fishing trip opportunities - this would be a great place to get some info.

Come out and meet some other WFF'ers - should be a good time!

agent montana

This Must be a sickness!! MARINATE!!!
WOW ..I'll be there...Brian O'Keefe is a legend who holds several world records...A mind that needs to be picked..I'll be supporting your efforts..:thumb: