Fishing the Little Spokane River


My other car is a fly rod.
Who fishes the Little Spokane? What fish are there besides squawfish? Also, I've tried accessing from lower end. But the access seems limited to walking. Is there another access point?

Access to the Little Spokane is difficult because of the private property on both sides of the river. There are only three places that I know of that are accessible. One is at the St. Georges school entry. There is a parking area there and specific instructions what you can do and how to access the river. If you put in a canoe there you can take out at the indian paintings parking lot, that is the second access area. The third is where the Little Spokane joins with the Big Spokane. The private property owners are very touchy about access and sometimes will intimidate floaters also. From what I understand pontoon boats are not allowed you can't have your feet in the water? There are rainbows in the river and I know some folks that float it twice a year and do well. It is beautiful trip.
Jesse clark
Also be careful of wading. I believe (it has been a while since I have been to the St. George put in) that you can't walk the bank on any of the state park land. Something about damaging the stream side or something. That is also why you can only fish from enclosed floating devices like a canoe or kayak. I think Jesse is right, your feet can't hang in the water. I will try and run down there and see what it says in a little while.
Well the gate was locked so I don't know the specifics about wading regulations. Don't have the regs in front of me either so just make sure you look it up if you are going walking the banks. Water is pretty high right now anyway.
I used to fish the L. Spokane down where it meets the big. There is a nice little section below the boat take out down there right below some rapids (you will see it cause there is two concrete footings sticking out of the water.) We caught some small rainbows down there max 12". Also where Nine mile road goes across the L. Spokane, there is a turnout after the bridge on the right. You can hike a short distance back and hit some good stretches of river that also produce rainbows.

Also as far as wading I think you can't wade or have feet in the water up by St. Georges because its a natural area. Im not sure down where I used to fish where it meets the big, we waded there quite a bit.
I've been there and a good place to fish in spring and fall would be a little south of the point where the little spokane and big spokane meet. What you do is go to 9 mile road, and past 9-mile dam aways is a bridge to the left. take the left and go to the canoe/kayak takeout point. it is on a little island. once you get into the parking lot you will go a little north in it and see some concrete platforms with little waterfalls in between. park there and walk across the little waterfalls, (man-made out of concrete, so where waders or shoes with good grip and get to the last one out. right by that area is area is about a foot high waterfall. this is a good spot for bows, smallies, and i think even browns.

tight lines!

edit: speaker, i don't know if there are carp right there, but im sure there are squaw's and whitefish. hoping to go there again soon!
When I fished it the catch was a mix of rainbows and whitefish, don't recall landing a squaw. Some of the bows as well as whitefish were decent size, I considered it good fishing. It is too bad re the access difficulty and being classified as one of only a couple navigable rivers that are considered private water despite the navigable waterways law...

edit: holy crap (carp?) i just responded to a thread from march of '06...
Hey Guys-
Don't know if this thread is still going but.... I am a freshman at Gonzaga and I have no idea where to go fishing in Spokane and I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations of places that are near downtown Spokane (I don't have a car, but I can find one). Preferably places where I could lure fish but fly fishing would be fine also. Is anything biting this time of year? Whitefish?

I fish the little Spokane quite often. All the places listed work. Here are a few more. Pine river park, just north of division bridge 1/2 a mile. Fish in the evening after the kids are done swimming or go downstream. You can only go around the next corner but I have caught up to 17 inches right in the swimming hole. Lots of crawfish there. I have also used a green bodied iris cadis early in the year mid morning. Another is Fairwood. On the far northeast end of Fairwood neighborhood there is a dead end as soon as you turn off into the neighborhood. Walk past the gate. It is a neighborhood walking road that used to be access to a dairy farm and is now a water station. After you come out of the woods, head down hill until you find the ruined foundations of the dairy farm and the spring creeks coming out of the hill. Figure it out from there. There are a few others but they are a bit hard to describe. Where there is a will... Oh and if anyone with more skill than I can figure it out I will show you a rise that I have never figured out. September in the evening, right below the nine mile dam there is quite a hatch but I have only got fish on stimulators. Give it a shot or write back and I could show you some of the spots. Always looking for someone to hit the water with.