1st 2014 trout

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  1. I caught my first today at 9:15AM on January 3rd.. Anyone catch one earlier on the 1st or 2nd?
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  2. I tried today but the fish weren't having anything to do with my flies.
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  3. I fished on the 1st and landed a trout at about 11am. Then 8 more throughout the day.
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  4. I went out on the first. Got skunked. But I found some jewelry boxes in the rocks. I couldn't locate the owners, so alerted the local sheriff's office. They went to check it out and discovered three houses had been broken into. Everything gone, houses destroyed. The people who's property I found even had their truck stolen, water pipes broke, vandalized beyond belief. They contacted us to thank us yesterday. They're having to cut their Arizona vacation short to come back and deal with the destruction.
    On a happier note, I went out yesterday, barely dodged a nasty sleet storm, out lasted the sixty mph winds, and found myself fishing on glass for willing cutthroat. In an hour I landed three between 16-18 inches, and lost two more larger fish right at the net.
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  5. Got a very pretty bow on the Yak New Years Day...
  6. I fished the Crooked River here in Oregon New Years day. My first fish of the year was a small rainbow ( 12in.). Caught about 15 rainbows and whitefish in a little under 3 hours. Largest was about 15 inches. Fished a Tung Teaser and a Frenchie.
  7. I caught these. Someday to become flies that catch trout . . . the Li'l' Jeep is both birdy AND fishy, lol.

  8. P1020900.JPG 20140101_143140.jpg I fished the first of the year on the Missouri and caught 8 fish.A couple of pics ,one of a nice Brown, and the other a typical rainbow.Note puffy jacket,...standard winter apparel in winter months.:D

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  9. First Steelie west of the Cascades 11/4 and one with a new lip ring unfortunately, also 11/4
  10. I am hoping to land my first of the year tomorrow. So far I have not even been out in 2014 :(
  11. Caught my first trout of the New Year around noon on the 4th. Fishing Pass Lake out of Ira's boat. Hey, I may have caught my first of 2014 before Ira!
  12. 20140107_154831.jpg Winter is a bummer.;)
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