1st Timer's Swap?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by cmtundra, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Jim, they're posted in a separate thread in the Fly Swaps Forum
  2. Got my package of flies yesterday. They all look great. I was thinking about hitting the lake this afternoon and trying some out but it started raining and hailing. :( It's suppose to clear tomorrow or Tues. so I'll give them a workout next week. Thanks to all, especially Davy for organizing. :thumb:
  3. One little comment= it was all my pleasure- literally- you all did the hard work- you are all to be commended. Enough about "what" I did. I am glad it seems to have been a success.

    Go Fishin !!!
  4. I hate to act like a dummy but I guess that I am one :eek: I've looked all through the Fly swaps in the Gallery and for the life of me I can't find anything on this swap. So please lead me down the garden path.

    Jim..... One who always seems to be lost bawling:

    :eek: Boy talk about being dumb. I was looking for them in the Gallery section where most others are. Not in this section. Well I found them.
  5. I just got a look at all my flies from this swap and can really only say one thing.

    WOW!! :eek: :eek:

    All these flies look sweet. Thanks to all that spent the time and effort tying up such great stuff and also a big thanks to Davy for managing all this stuff. This was fun to be part of. :) :)

    BTW - Tanner and Moe also say THANK YOU to all for the great looking flies. I think Tanner has tried to tye up some of the patterns that he got already. :thumb:

  6. My batch of flies arrived on monday. Man, they all look great! I'm looking forward to having them all chewed up by the fish!

    Thanks for breaking us newbie swappers in gently, Davey! ptyd
  7. Got my flies, they are great. I really enjoyed the experience. Thanx Davy you did a great job. Old man, the woven fly is great. Where can I get the recipe? Where does it work best?

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