1st Trout on a Fly

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by SPAD, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. SPAD New Member

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    Yes I am a FNG. Today I finally landed my first trout on a flyline. I was on Cain Lake this morning. I had quite a few hits on this Black&Olive Woolly before I got the hang of bringing one in and landing it. One of these days I will be up at Pass Lake to find some of those Brown Trout I have been hearing about.

  2. Arthur Vakulchik Young Gun

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    good job SPAD. hope you land some big ones when your up their!

  3. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    Good job! Nice fish. I'll bet if you asked how many folks caught their first fish on a fly on a woolly bugger a lot of digital hands would go up!
  4. Islander Steve

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    Congrates, welcome to the addiction. My first was on a prince nymph (sorry Richard I'm sure your theory is still correct). Post up when you decide to head to Pass. I'm sure there will be one or more of us heading there also.
  5. Upton O Blind hog fisherman

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    Congrats. and well done. That is a great fish and truly earned.

    I remember my first fly trout (first trout, too): six inch native rainbow on size 14 Royal Coachman, Mission Creek, B.C., 1955. I was 7 years old.

  6. Jacob Peterson Member

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    Sorry my good fellows, first was on a royal wulff. First fly trout on a bugger though.
  7. Mike (Doc) LaCombe Member

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    Well you are done now for sure Spad. My advice is to get rid of that fly rod, buy a Wii and don't go near the water. Oh! to late, Ok welcome to the club and good fishing.

  8. Matt Smith On the river Noyb

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    Hooray! Mine was on a Black Nose Dace @ Pass. But my second was on a woolley.

    Congrats and welcome!! :beer2:
  9. Tim Morrison Member

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    my first was a cutt on a royal coachman out of the bitteroot river in lolo mt
  10. Jeremiah Baldwin New Member

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    Congrats SPAD!
    I'm right there with you.
    Spent last Saturday on Pass. My first time out fly fishing.
    Landed a 14 inch within my first 1/2 hour there on a Chironomid, ended up hooking 4 more and landing 3. One was about 16 inches; hit and fought like a madman(or is it madfish).
    I've been sucked into this type of fishing, can't wait to get back out there and try some different flys.

    Tight lines,
  11. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Welcome SPAD, nice fish and great first results. For futuer photos consider using your tiny net...we will all be amazed at the massive bows you bring to hand. There will be many joyous and frustrating days ahead.
  12. Jim Hewitt Member

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    Olive Wooly Bugger here.
    Congratulations on a fat first fish.:thumb:
  13. Tim Lockhart Working late at The Office

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    Nice looking fish! Tell your woman congrats on her new life as a fishing widow :beer2:
  14. Casey Weed Greenhorn

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    Contrats on the fish. My first was on a black BH woolly bugger as well, it wasn't near as big as yours though!
  15. tankiewiczj@kroybp.com HPIC

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    I think my first fish on a fly was a sunfish on a popper and cane pole at Kelly's Pond in Southfield Michigan - 7 years old....does that count? I think I got a whoopin' for getting into my dad's tackle box. I walked a mile home with that fish - alive - in a bucket. My dad looked at the pole and saw it had his popper on it and that was it for me. Well worth the lickin'!

  16. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I can't remember my first fish on a fly. It might of been a dragon fly nymph being pulled behind a boat on a spinning rod. But then again I don't really remember?????????????????????
  17. Trent Ugly member

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    My first, was on some dry fly I found in my grandpas old tackle box. Me and my brother tied it to a mono line that we had tied to a broken vine maple branch. We were fishin in this little creek that feeds into the Stilly through my dads property.
  18. John Wallace Active Member

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    Great job! I got mine on a Royal Coachman with the wing behind the hackle on the North Fork Stilly. Always awsome to caught a fish on a fly, even now.
  19. Greg Price Love da little fishies

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    Welcome and congratulations.

    That is a fine fish.

    My first was a small cuttie that smaked a small elk hair caddis dry fly.

    I still love the Elk Hair Caddis, and just last year re-discovered the joys of fishing small moving water for small cutties on the EHC or other small dry flies.
  20. Richard Torres Active Member

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    Nice first fish on the fly!:thumb: