2-hander dry line preference(s)

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fredaevans, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Aaron's got a great thread going on choice of spey rods, preferred lengths, etc.

    Didn't want to 'hi-jack' his thread, but what's your choice(s) with full floating lines, and why?

    For 'pure casting' my choice of choices (save for the damned price tag) is the Carron lines out of the UK. Close second would be the Ian Gordan lines, also Brit manufactured.
  2. Carron gets my vote for a factory produced line available today.
    Enjoyable to fish and to cast. On the under 13' 7 wt rods I like the
    Snowbee 2d 8/9. I only wish the Snowbee running line was longer.
  3. If we're talking dry lines, as in greased line fishing, on, in, or near the surface, well designed flies of reasonable size, without gobs of weight added, :eek: Intruders not,,,,,,,,,
    then my vote is for those loooong orange lines. XLT's:thumb:
  4. Hmmm. I like the Carron lines. I also like the Hardy Mach 1.

    I can't explain in technical terms why I like these lines. I guess I like the smoothness/slickness of these lines.
  5. My personal choice would be the RSS (red shed special).
    But I am more than a little biased.
  6. I like all spey lines but my favorites are those heading to Fred's house from the Red Shed.:cool:
  7. My vote is any of the carron's,they just make casting a breeze, to the far side of the river if need be.
  8. No doubt carron lines are a joy to cast! Xlt is a pretty good line as well. I think it would be pretty cool if you could combine the two into one line. That is take each lines best qualities and build one line. As it turns out a very talented line designer from the golden gate area by the name (Simon) has been working on a series of long lines that really are a step above. These lines fall into the 85' to 95' head range from the 6wt to the 10wt. These lines have become my new favorite for a dry line on the two hander.
  9. Brian ST,
    Get a hold of Mike at the Red Shed... The Red Shed Special is just that, a Carron/XLT hybrid tapered and spliced by a spey master.
  10. I agree with Brian. Simons new lines are the sweetest I have cast. They are going to be quite popular when they come out in a couple weeks. If you are nice I bet Brian would let you cast them at Aarons saturday at the river.

    In fairness though I have not tried the RSS. Hope to soon.

  11. Whats a "full floating line" ? out here in cold GLs country we are basically 100% using sink tips for steelhead and salmon all year. Such is our challenge, well I will use a full floater now when using metal brass tubes that sink fast but thats about it.

    :p ;)

  12. Brian/Simon .. talk to me about these babies ... new new to me!:beer2:
  13. Sigh .... Hal, Hal, Hal .. what ever shall 'we who all knowing' do with you GL types? You need to move to Oregon and 'tel-commute' and get some real fishing time on 'real rivers.' :cool: Even JD has a Skagit line complex .. but he's old .. like you .. but we'll get both of you do move over from "The Dark Side.":ray1:
  14. chris
    I did get a chance to try Bruces line on the clearwater last year and it was awsome, now I just need a rod that can handle the grains. The 17ft 10/11 that I cast was a good match for the line.
  15. Hal you have my sympathy.
  16. Well here's the Bad news (for me:beathead: ) and the good news (for you:thumb: ). I've got several lines that either need replacing (due to heavy useage) or just aren't my 'cup 'o tea' anymore. (Having a Carron and the Hardy Salmon 1 has rather changed my opinion on line pref's over the past year.)

    What's the 'specs' on the line of yours described above?

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