2 handers on the beach...disadvantages?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Nick Clayton, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. 4th?
    I like it.
  2. iagree Me too
  3. I'm on for the 4th. The first "Puget Sound Beach Clave."

  4. I'm not suggesting The Narrows but the tide should be close to the same at most of the other beaches. So...on 12/4 at The Narrows it is high @0731 @ 13.96 feet. Low @ 1245 @ 8.14 feet....a fairly high low if that makes sense. Soooo with these tides what would be the best beach??
  5. I would suggest 10AM at whichever beach is best for everyone.

  6. From the FWIW department:

    The Narrows (Docs) should be open again by the 30th of November...or so the sign says; but you know government beaucracies, always behind schedule and waaay over budget!

    Not that I'm a pessimist or anything like that.........

    .......unless it involves government!

    I looks like you're all talking December tho so should be okay by then.....

  7. For December 4, I will bring a Helios 117 switch with a Rio Outbound Short and a Helios 118 with a new Orvis prototype switch line that will work for both spey and single-hand overhead casting. I will want opinions of this line.

  8. Is this exclusively a long rod beach clave?? Been looking into getting a switch rod myself for beach use and would like to make it to this gathering. As of now I only have a 9' 6wt TFO mainly for beach use.
  9. That's all I'm bringing.

  10. Leland, everything is sounding good to me, now if Mumbles will give us his suggestions of places because I know nothing about the beaches to add. You probably are more aware of what is availble than any of the rest of us. My boss has given me the okay and she's going back to Oregon to visit her friends for a few days, I would think the way we started this that anyone that wants to fish in the sound is eligible to be there what ever way they fly fish and we can learn something from each other. Does that sound right? i'm ready anytime. Bob
  11. If the 9' beach rods come it will be just another fish in, not a clave.
  12. I'll see if I can pull a day off and come down..I'm coming from the border so the simpler the better for beaches as I errr know not of what any of you are talking about...

    I have a Meiser 11'7" 5/6/7 with one of his floating and an outbound intermediate ...

    I also have a 4wt deercreek switch that I haven't found a real love for...got a couple lines for it but have to check...hell for rods I also got a 10' 4wt z single that I can bring if anyone is interested...

    Biggest thing on my part is how will traffic be and what time should I leave to make it? any suggestions when a beach is picked would be greatly appreciated!!!
  13. this sounds great! how about golden gardens?
  14. Man this is right up my alley, but since I have moved back to day shift weekdays are a no go for me right now. Hopefully we could have a repeat some time on a weekend and I will definitely be there.

  15. There are a few parks that I'm thinking could be good for such a gathering. Lions Field Park in Bremerton provides nice current flow at all but the slack times. Salisbury is near the hood canal bridge and has lots of space for casting. I've never been to Docs or Golden Gardens. I've wondered about Titlow down on the narrows. If I can make it I don't really care where we are meeting. I'll bring a switch or two and maybe a light two hander to try a few lines on it overhead.
  16. titlow has a pretty good beach but little parking, i haven't been to the other. Bob
  17. I doubt that there were no 9' rods at the spey claves. Definitions: Spey;from the River Spey in Scotland. Clave; a musical term having to do with rhythm, Probably from the strokes of casting. Beach clave; rhythm at the beach, nothing about spey rods but we are all interested in checking out the spey or switch rods. thats why we're doing this.A previous quote stated that we ddn't care if there were fish, so it can't be a fishin. Bob
  18. Let's make it Lions Park. Doesn't matter the flow and doesn't matter whether there are fish, just a place to cast with some room to spread out and bahtrooms.

  19. 10 AM to Noon sounds great. If it's on the narrows, I won't be there until 1130 or 12 from Everett, but I don't have to work. What about Lincoln Park. Also, doesn't the vashon ferry, if taken from west seattle to vashon, run into the narrows bridge? Is that way faster than I-5 and going through tacoma? Or whatever. I can make this gig. Just don't start at the crack of dawn and at least keep it going until noon. I would love to try to break Leland's shop rods.
  20. So thats okay but where is it? Bob

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